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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by kentross09, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Yes, it has become an extremely informative thread.
  2. Lefet

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    More info!! This is great!!
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    SEO is something great to learn, but will definitely take time to be good at it.

    Some of you that try to use SEO will notice very different results depending on the city you're from and what you're actually testing your SEO skills on. There are an unbelievable number of variables that factor in to what makes you rank.

    However, there are some simple things to do (but take time and patience) in order to see some results.

    Make sure that when you go forward on this that you cover all of the basics first before spending countless hours on where to get high PR back links and all the fun SEO stuff.

    1. On-Site Optimization - This is HUGE. Make sure that your site covers the basics at least of proper optimization. - proper header tag usage, alt tags, title tags, keyword usage, site map, etc.

    2. Off-Site Optimization - This is obviously what will give you that kick. My biggest tip to you is - relevance, relevance, relevance!

    As for choosing what tools do what. There is not one single tool that will solve your SEO problems. There are endless tools that promise so many things and then you just get frustrated because it's not what you're looking for. There is no such thing as a tool that will do all of your SEO work. The key is to find what you need and fill that need accordingly. I used a variety of different tools and manual work as well.

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    Would it be correct to say that it really starts with a good website, created with good (and ample) content? How many words per page is suggested, and how many times per page should certain key words be repeated?
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    hit the refresh at the end of your url bar, the page will refresh and the new page comes up with the info, it's all on his server.
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    I just went back to it and logged in. It completed it and says "28 low competition". I looked around and finally found the "view" button. A whole report opened with a host of information. Now I have to sit down and figure out what all of it means. It looks pretty interesting though, thanks!
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    Did you download this report?

    on the serpiq page where the websites start on the left, there is another tab to toggle "expand results" the expanded view shows what seo attributes a page has with it's competitors.

    None of it means anything if you don't take any action. M. Vaden was saying the seo talk years ago.
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    Yes I did. Just finished reading it. Going to check into the article/press release thingy.

    I did expand the results, was actually a bit surprised by the information. It's slowly coming together (in my head that is). I've gone ahead and done 5 more with different words/phrases. Is that the limit, 7 a day?

    That's a really great tool, thanks!!
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    One note on that report, it has a mention to use Yahoo Site Exploerer (which was an aweome tool) that they got rid of. Something you can try instead in google is to search for "link:" (without quotes) to get resuots linking to specified URL
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    Hey Gregg, did you check your email?

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