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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LCME, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Talked to a new customer the other day. Lawn mower broke down. I get this a lot with the "my mower is broke". Anyway, they have 2 acres with a lot of landscape, trees, hedges, bushes, etc. Property is beautiful. I told them I would mow, trim, edge, blow for only $100 per week. They almost fell over on themselves. These people then said, could you mow only for $35. I almost fell over. No way, I said. But, I will mow only for $75 per week. Not surprised, I did not get the account. Agree with most of what people say here. People with 1ac or more are not willing to pay you for it. More opportunity for working on small lots. Is my estimate too high? ;)
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    Only you can tell if your estimate was too high based on know what you need to make to turn a profit. I don't think your price is too high based on the property needing a lot of trimming but you can only get what the local market will bear.

  3. chevyman1

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    depends how long it takes for me...If it's all clear riding, i can do 2 acres in 30 minutes...I'd charge like $40
  4. stizostedion_vitreum

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    People in our market are only paying like $85-$120 for 2-3 acre lots.....but then again I think there are alot of scrubs in this area.

    I just bid a 1 acre lot at $70 and got it......and I know that I couldn't have gotten any more because she showed me the other three bids which one was even cheaper then I bid it. I'll leave the 2-3 acre lots for the rest.

  5. economiclawncare

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    i just dont understand how people can cut 2 acres in 30 min i cant do it i am using a 48" z mower and it takes me 30min for an acre and that is if it is clear.
  6. LCME

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    I have a 48" w/b hydro with sulky. For me to mow, trim, edge and blow it would take me about 2.5 hours. Mowing 2 hours. Trimming 15 min. Edging 10 min. And, blow about 5 min. Again, this property is hilly not flat. About 30= trees in the back. And, lots of landscaping to trim around. Large driveway and patio out back. I believe just too much work for less than $100 per week. My opinion. Just wanted to know if my price is in the ball park. Thanks, LCME
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    I cut a 2 acre lawn with my 48" lazer hp in 35 minutes. Tire blew on it one day and had the use the new gravely 34Z and did it in just under an hour. Dont feel bad though because it takes my dad alot longer to mow then it does me. I can run circles around him and leave a nicer cut and better stripes.
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    It's because not all grass is the same and not everybody cuts grass the same.

    A little true story that happened about 2 weeks ago.

    We have a lot of crabgrass in my area and I was telling my friend, who also cuts grass, that I was having to slow down a lot to get through the crabgrass. He said he wasn't having any problems at all. I asked him how he does it. He said that he just keeps stepping up his height of cut. I said that I was cutting most of mine at 2-3/4 and a few at 3-3/8 (it's a Dixie). He said he was at 3-1/2 and was getting ready to go to 3-3/4 or 4". I asked him if his customers liked him cutting the grass that high since the trend around here is to cut it at 2. He said he hadn't gotten a single complaint. Then he called me a couple of days later and asked if I had cut one of his yards. I said no. He said that someone had gone behind him and scalped the customer's yard. I stopped by the place he was talking about and sure enough, it was cut low. I asked the guy who lives next door (I know him) who had cut the lot in question. He said the homeowner came over and complained that his grass cutter wasn't cutting low enough and got on his tractor and cut it to the "correct height".

    Like I say, different strokes for different folks.
  9. Pecker

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    Did the homeowner dump him over it?
  10. gogetter

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    Just when I was starting to think more of your posts, you go an post this.

    Oh well, maybe one day you'll learn.

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