are you just skipping overseding with your aerations?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. GarPA

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    With this gosh awful precip nonstop, our aerations with overseeding have gotten backed up. I dont like to overseed past the end of Sept here in the Mid Atlantic region. Aerations not past about 10/15. One of the local (not TruGreen) and reputable larger fert companies here has been telling customers that the seed that does not germiante this fall, will come up in spring. Not sure I buy into that.
    Do you?

    Are you still overseeding with aerationand if so, when will you stop? thanks
  2. walker-talker

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    I stop on 10/15 month before the first expect frost. I will not guarantee anything past 10/8 this year....afraid of an early frost. As far and seed at the time of winter goes.....I have heard of testimonials of people (on this site) that have thrown down leftover seed on their lawns right before a snow and it will sit there all winter, then germinate as soon as soil temp reach range in the spring. Although, I have no direct expierence that supports this idea.
  3. mower_babe

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    I would really like information on this too. Due to funky weather, we are NOW aerating and slit seeding--I am skeered that nothing will germinate this fall at all- all of my seeding efforts will have to be repeated next spring for free. I have also heard the tale of throwing grass seed onto the ground before a snow and it germinates like a miracle in the spring. BOY, I hope so. :(
  4. rodfather

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    Some of far, not all. I weigh in how much leaf cleanup work will be done before any overseeding in the Fall (i.e., how much of the seed that hasn't germinated ends up being blown into the woods with the leaves or sucked up in one of my Trac Vacs. It's a gut issue I think. IMHO, the later it gets into October (and soon to be leaf clean up time) the less I am likely to overseed too with aerating. Prudent decision is wait until late Spring then for any overseeding when the ground temp is more favorable for germination.

    Good thread btw Gary...

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    i had a light frost this morning and it has been cold the last few days in southeastern pa i have stopped taking on any new seeding jobs unless they have full sun and few trees not good for the income though
  6. NCSULandscaper

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    The precip has been perfect for seeding in this area. Grass is coming up nice and i usually plant grass until the first week of nov. and have good results. The seed will come up this spring if thrown down in the late fall/early winter.
  7. BRL

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    There are plenty of good threads here on this subject. Like Rodfather said, I'll consider how leaf season will affect the job to make the decision, plus the general weather pattern. I have seeded in December (waited til leaves mostly done, or new installs for CO's, etc.) in the past & had some of the seed germinate before winter really set in. I have experienced the seed that doesn't germinate in the fall germinates in the spring resulting in a great lawn. For the late seedings I tell the clients that it may not look perfect for this fall, but in the spring things will be great. Haven't had any complaints about the spring results yet.
  8. bayfish

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    I have the same concerns here in Maryland. This is the coolest it has been here at this time of year since 1974. We even had a light frost here last night. I have 5 overseeding jobs lined up. I'm wondering if I should just aerate, fert. if needed, and seed in the spring. Next week is going to be in the 60's. Any advice?
  9. turfsurfer

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    Winter dormant seeding is kind of a controversial subject. The weekend radio gardening guy here always swears by it. The theory is to not put the seed out until January-early Feb. The freezing and thawing of the ground works the seed into the soil and creates a natural seedbed. In the spring it germinates when the soil temperature reaches the right point. The danger is in getting a premature warm streak where the seed starts to germinate then gets frozen and dried out by a cold snap. A good amount of winter snowcover supposedly helps. A few years ago I talked to some people from the Ohio Stae Univ. extension program and they were very sceptical about it but I tried it with some tall fescue seed on bare spots and it worked great for me. Also has worked other times since then. Once again, not a guaranteed solution but definately easier work since no soil prep is needed. Now if I overseed large bare areas in the fall, I come back in the winter with a small amount of seed to cover any leftover bare spots. LOL.
  10. Richard Martin

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    Go with the seeding. This early season cold snap will be short lived according to Accuweather (the same people who make Bob Turk's forecasts). Next week and the week after will have highs in the lower 70s and upper 60s with lows in the lower 50s and upper 40s.

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