Are you keeping up with inflation?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Tell us how and what you are doing to keep up with this. There is a special surprise in-store for the quality well described posts.
  2. I plan to raise prices on selected marginal accounts. But I'm going to wait until about a month into the season.
  3. Turf Technologies

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    Not usre if we can stand the bitching by raising prices. ODnt want to cause any heartattacks here.
  4. 1grnlwn

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    I need to raise a few, but not all. I still need to calculate my true costs for last year. Need to keep better track of work time vs. transport time vs. maint time. Anybody have a good system?

  5. johnhenry

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    We do have gas surcharge pricing in our contracts.That takes into effect if gas prices raise above $2.00. As far as raising our prices with our accounts.Some of are accounts are locked into 2 year contracts.Newly acquired accounts it is already taken into consideration.On accounts that we are already locked with the mowing. We will raise prices on the flower bed or mulching.We also buy in bulk when prices are low. We stock pile our mulch and chemicals in the 1st part of the year.I always feel the less money I have to spend for material the better.This way no matter what. My profit increases even if the market goes up even higher.I am always open to new idea's to battle inflation
  6. Weedburner

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    I prebought a lot of the supplies around the first of the year. Interest was cheap and I know were my costs will be. Bid jobs will go up a bit this year. Most of the cost increase I saw was fuel. Am buying a little new equipment to improve efficiency and will monitor costs closer. Promised myself to keep better records on each job to see what makes money and what doesn't.

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