Are you looking for dumpsites???

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by pghlandscape, Oct 4, 2008.

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    try craigslist we posted a few free ads and now have over 15 awesome sites we can dump fill some even take ties and best part is they are free
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    Craigslist is an awesome place to advertise/or look for anything. I use Craigslist for both selling and buying.

    The ads in the DC area only run for 7 days. And there are many other ads you're competing with. So I refresh the ad every 48 hours. But ads in other markets run for 45 days.

    This is one of many ads I have on C.L. I will be refreshing it this evening and after I refresh it - the link will be dead.
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    I didn't know that you could be that elaborate on Craigslist. Looks nice, just don't care for the 'slashed prices' deal.
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    To do an ad on Craigslist like I have done you need to be HTML literate. In other words, you need to know HTML coding. I have thought about a little side business setting Craig's List users up with ads like I have.

    Our business is a luxury service. Just like car sales and furniture sales. You gotta roll with the flow just the same as other luxury industeries.

    The residential market in this area are sittin tight and they're not spending.

    In economics classes you learn about supply and demand. Right now - in this area, THERE IS NO DEMAND and the SUPPLY IS PLENTYFUL :)

    Thus, creating a BUYER'S market. For people that have the funds and that are in the market for such services - you're a fool if you don't take advantage of special pricing, as once consumer confidence begins to grow, and the phone starts ringing again - such prices will NOT be offered.

    Our buyers are just as human as you and I, they can't read minds, nor can you, nor can I :) If we don't announce incentives to the buyer - they won't know they exist.

    I know for a fact each and every person has gone out and purchased some product or service simply because some sort of inviting incentive was advertised.

    Marketing is all about psychology. So many landscape and hardscape contractors fail to realize that last week they went out and bought the family 2 new cell phones because it was advertised "buy 1 new phone and get the 2nd for 1/2 price". They don't realize that had not such an incentive been offered - they never would have gotten the new phones. The incentive just lured their fat tails in, so owhy would it not work for their business????
    So many contractors think "how could you advertise such a thing?". Well - it works for the car business, it works for the furniture business, works for the fast food industry, and it works for the cellular phone industry.

    You gotta Roll with the Flow. You have to.
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