Are you more than an LCO?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by CustomKare, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. CustomKare

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    Hillarious call last night. I had one of my customers panicked they have flying ants and called me to see what to do. Last I checked I am the grass guy not an exterminator.

    Last month I was coming out of a store another customer stops me and asked.......could you pickup my gas grille at Lowes? "I can rent a truck for 75 minutes for $18.95 but I probaly wont make it back in time" Again, I'm the grass guy not a delivery guy. Against better judgement I did do it and what a cluster F. 45 minutes in the store, 20 minutes to and from the store. Lady gives me $20!!! I know I'm an idiot!!!!:hammerhead: :dizzy:
  2. MJS

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    The list of things that I've done for customers in the last year includes: Fixing a vacuum, moving furniture, rebuilt fences, installed trim in patios, exterminated carpenter ants and wasps, painted a door, and cleaned out two gutters. I do find it interesting that my customers think that because I mow their grass, I must know how to do anything else too. LOL I tell people "If you want me to do extra work, it's $35 an hour. Quite a few people though, don't know of anyone else who can do the work, and they don't want to hire another guy to do it, when you are already there anyway. I really don't actually mind it; it's a nice change from the daily grind of mowing.
  3. meets1

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    Heck - we do it all. Haul away branches for people, deleivery stuff with our trailer if needed, anything for a buck.

    Starting to get a little dry and some of our lawns are slowing so mowing is going faster - I took 3 guys today and we started shingling a house. One more day and that little job will be knocked out - good money, get some of the guys off the mower and enjoy the day.
  4. SpfdTurfMasters

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    If she is a good costumer, I would have hauled the grill for her as a favor. Get some browny points, or a cookie mmmmm.
  5. procut

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    I try to shy away from the odd jobs, as its not the image I want. I however, did once help a customer move. Last summer I did pick up a gas grill. It was for a good customer and only had to haul it about a 1/2 mile. Not to mention, I couldn't say no to an old lady who said to me, "I bought a new grill that needs to be picked up and your the only person I know who has a pick up truck" She did pay extra for this service.
  6. CustomKare

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    Pro, thats the way it was said to me by the old lady.
  7. topsites

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    Yeah, but it depends what it is, I'm not Sandford & Son and I am not the 'guy with a trailer,' basically so long the customer asks and does not assume I'm going to do it, I will consider most anything, but I did say consider.

    It really frustrates, some customers ask but it's not really a question...
    I know at that time they just wrote on the wall, this relationship has or is going down.
    Why, why?

    Some of it is quite tolerable thou, it's not all bad, just depends what it is, and how the question comes...

    Hey man, don't feel bad, been there, done that.
    Lessons: NEVER pick up anything, anywhere for a customer, you will always waste at LEAST 45 minutes (I've spent 2 hours there before) with the rigmarole...

    It's royal BS, the guys at Lowe's / HD tell the customer that it is ok, but it is not! At least here in Richmond, the customer HAS to be there! Whoever purchased the item has to retrieve it, they can NOT send you there with the receipt, yes even thou whoever assured the customer that it could be done (omg what a test of patience).
    Worst thing is that $20, that burns bad, I think I got paid as much, too...
    A $20 gives me a 1/2 tank and about +250km range... In my car!
    In the truck, a $20 isn't even quite a 1/4 tank...

    I suppose one could come up with a $60 fee for this type of stuff, but I find it easier to simply decline.
  8. mebergstran

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    i tend to do whatever a customer asks. though often grumbling, i'll do about anything to please a good customer.
  9. ECS

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    I do most anything and everything for my customers. That is a very big part of my business. I go to do their 3 hour lawn and am there for sometimes 9 hours. I have hauled stuff for them, moved things for them, moved them, babysat the carpet cleaning guy, met a truck driver for a wine cooler delivery, clean the garage, wash the garage floor, change light bulbs and smoke detector batteries, hung pictures, painted, stained, refinish their windows & patio furniture, wash windows, deliver their car at the airport before they arrive, pick the car up at the airport when they leave, pick up UPS packages, have UPS packages sent to my house, even deived a car 80 miles away one day and picked it up and brought it back 2 days later (did that twice), take storm windows out and out screens in & vice verse. Have taken their cars in to have the window replaced, chips filled, filled up with gas, washed, drop car off at machanic to be checked or fixed, take their car in to have snows put on in the fall and snows taken off inthe spring and the list goes on.

    I am a service company, pretty much their property manager and also do their lawns and snow plowing. Anything I can not do or choose not to do, I call someone else to do it. The more I can do at one place, the better, cuts down on windshield time and fuel costs. Right now we only have 12 properties that we manage and would like to see that number at 20.
  10. 1MajorTom

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    so how do you charge for something like meeting the delivery truck driver for a wine cooler.. say he runs late and ends up taking 2 hours... what do bill for that? or how do you bill for changing light bulbs?
    just curious.

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