are you registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)


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charlotte, nc
i've been registered with the BBB every since 2009 and am starting to wonder is the $400/year is even worth it. i haven't gotten one new customer based on my association with them (or maybe i have and noone told me).

so i'm asking the guys that have legit businesses...Sole Pros, LLCs, business checking accounts, etc (no disrespect to the guys just getting started)

let me hear your thoughts...


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A total waste of money. They are there to make money. I know of a couple businesses that have ripped the consumer off yet they still have a high rating with the bbb. The more you pay in, the nicer they will take about you. They're a joke just like USM.
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I believe it is a waste of money as well. I am a member of our local chamber of commerce for social networking, but that is it. Let your reputation speak for itself with word of mouth advertising from your current customers. $400 a year adds up.


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Vancouver Canada
I can go onto your BBB website and lodge a complaint about your company right now. And I'm in Canada and I don't even know you. My point being.....your competition or some PITA ex customer who messed you over can abuse their system.

I lodged a complaint about a large property management company that deals with Home owner associations (strata's are what we call them here.) This company seems to have a mandate to burn contractors and treat them like crap.

The BBB wrote back that they don't get involved in disputes over non payment of fees. ????????????????

I don't believe in the BBB. Even though I have had an A+ rating for over 15 years.

It's true though, if you're a member and you screw up, just buy a bigger ad in the BBB book the next time. Your problems will disapear! They're the same all over North America...Canada and the U.S. ( Oh....I only allege this.) hahaha
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Tulsa Oklahoma
Drop out now or as soon as you can. BBB is a rip-off. Same way with angies list! And google now has a site to add feedback. What a joke, a LCO in my area has 9 good reviews and 1 bad. There is 4 good reviews that is his family.


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Central NY
I am so glad I read this post. I am glad I am not alone in thinking it is a big waste of money. Ever since I joined and paid my $400.00/ year, I have not been left alone by phone calls and emails soliciting more and more money!!! I have been told by one of their salesmen that I must be the 'only contractor he has ever talked to that didn't need his help to gain more market share', etc. I, too have no knowledge of ever receiving a single lead from this organization. I could find a better way to blow $400

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Metro NY
I have had the renewal sitting on my desk for 2 months trying to figure out if the 400 was worth it,

I was thinking no, and now I am really thinking I will save my money. I don't know of any way they help me or make me a better contractor than the next.