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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. Billscaping

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    We've had 1 inch of rain since January,107 degrees all week,we start early 6am and end early 2-3pm,all that rain could ruin a business
  2. weeze

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    you still get time after 6pm.

    i dont' have a family. single man here. :laugh:
  3. weeze

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    yeah like i said. i could work 7am-3pm or 10am-6pm. i'd rather do the later shift.

    most days i work 10am-3pm anyways. only on the full days do i work until 6pm which is maybe 1 day a week. :laugh:

    i don't wake up until 9am most days. some days 8:30am. i stay up til midnight most nights. if i got up at 5am i would have to go to bed at 9pm in order to get enough sleep. :laugh:

    it's still daylight at 9pm during the summer. :laugh:

    i worked at the honda auto factory for 6 years. i had to get up at 4:30am on first shift and work 6:30am-3pm and then on second shift i got up at 10:30am and went to work 4:30pm-1am. most times we worked overtime and it would be 3-4am before i got home.

    we would alternate shifts every 2 weeks so by the time you got used to one shift you had to change to the other. it was the worst job i've ever had in my life. great pay and benefits but your life is a living hell. simply just not worth it. i'm much happier now even though i'm making less money. i'll get back to where i was though in a few more years as far as making money goes.
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  4. StanWilhite

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    Most of the time when someone is talking about the hours they keep etc I remember the situation a buddy of mine's dad said he had after retiring. When someone would ask him what he was doing since he retired he'd say, "nothing.....and I don't start that til about 10:30"! :laugh:
  5. weeze

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    forgot to say we started working 2 saturdays a month for awhile. my boss's wife was a nurse. she would be on first shift and he would be on 2nd. then he would be on first and she would be on second. the only time they got to see each other was on sunday and 2 saturdays a month.

    talk about a waste of life. no job is worth that. family is more important than any job.

    i got out while i still could. that's what these places do to you man.

    you get hired and are like wow cool now i'm gonna have all this money and great benefits and then so you go buy a house and a car and then uh are locked in. you can't quit now. you have bills to pay and need all that money you are making. but then your life becomes all about work and paying bills. not a very fulfilling life if you ask me.

    it's kindof like slavery in a way. you become a slave to the system so to speak. the rat race of life.

    your body gets worn down over the years and by the time you retire you are gonna need those benefits because you are gonna be going to the doctor for the rest of your life with health problems.

    i was already getting carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis, and stuff and i had only been there 6 years. could you imagine if i had stayed there 30-40 years?

    standing on metal grates 8-10hrs a day painting cars is what i was doing. when i would get home from work i couldn't do anything but sit on the couch and rest my feet they hurt so bad. so you could forget doing anything outside of work or having any kind of a life outside of work. your life had become all about work and nothing else. you basically work until you die or retire and you are all spent out so your life is not enjoyed during retirement.

    as soon as i stopped working there i got 100% better. all my problems went away. i can mow yards all day long and not be half as tired as i was working there. human beings aren't meant to work in factories doing the same thing every single day for 30-40 years. we aren't robots.
  6. weeze

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    :laugh: that is what retirement is supposed to be.

    i guess i'll never get to retire who knows. they keep raising the age limit and SS will be gone by the time i get there and so on.

    retirement age will be 80 and i may not even live that long. :laugh:

    i've got a $500 a month pension from honda i get when i turn 65 an i have 401k that should be about $250k or so when i get about 65 unless i add more to it. i haven't been able to yet.

    i may be able to retire at 70-75 if i'm lucky. :laugh:

    but hey i see 80 year old people out still mowing grass. you can still do it you just have to slow down and not do as much.
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  7. pseudosun

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    yeah, that's surprising to me. I always thought old people get up earlier, but I've noticed that alot of them get a very late start in the day.

    I'm all about starting early and finishing early, or to 10-3 is not uncommon. It seems like every thing is harder after 3 - traffic is irritating, sun is blaring, more people are up and about, and my energy is zapped. I'd rather be home for 3, and just sit inside and let that afternoon heat do it's thing without me.
  8. weeze

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    heat is not a factor since it's 90F by 10am here anyways during the summer. :laugh:

    there is traffic 24/7 here. i'd say 75% of the people that live here do not work. mostly women and children but men too. alot of people on disability or retired or whatever. the roads are the same no matter the time of day.

    my parents are early risers. they get up at like 6am every day. i'm just not like that. i wish i was but i've never liked to get up early.

    i get up on my own without an alarm clock every day. that is the beauty of working for yourself. you can work when you want to work and set your own hrs.

    everyone is different of course. some like to get up early and get done and others like to start a bit later. it's all in what you want to do.

    i'm sure as i get older i will start getting up earlier. older people require less sleep.

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