Are You Standing in The Way of Your Lawn & Landscape Company?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Sean Adams, Jan 21, 2013.

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    That's the thing that sets owners apart, those who can figure out how to take that knowledge and apply it to the real world. I guess that is one of the many factors in determining success and failure.
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  2. Sean Adams

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    Thanks for the good word and I agree for sure. I have met, emailed back and forth with, and spoken on the phone with tens of thousands of lawn and landscape business owners.

    It is always very obvious who does succeed or who is going to succeed.

    There is just something different about them and it is made clear pretty quickly.

    They care.
    They are serious.
    They are willing to work relentlessly.
    They recognize that they need help.
    They are starving to learn.
    They apply once they learn.
    They have a vision.
    They are convinced if others can do it, so can they.
    They do not let things get them down or get in their way.
  3. MDLawn

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    Good stuff
  4. Richard Martin

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    I fear you have misunderstood me. I agree with everything that Sean said. What I find ridiculous is that a person would allow outside influences such as phone calls, bids and other factors to affect the on the job time like that. I've seen it happen too. Job quality is the number one priority for me with keeping costs as low as possible coming in a very close second.
  5. MDLawn

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    Ok, no problem. But if you are trying to expand and grow you're phone is going to ring and like I said people like instant responese not a day later. That example was the business owner misusing time, not an employee. I want to be the first to meet and give an estimate to someone. Not let anyone else have a chance. That is why I showed the 2 different mentalities. Serving too many masters, wearing too many hats, etc.... is just problematic. Yes you provide the best quality. But if you can't let others do that you're going to limit yourself, in my opinion. I like mowing grass and mulching properties, but not as much as closing deals and meeting people. Maybe that's what makes me different, I can let others do the work. I can take care of my property to get the landscaping bug taken care of....
  6. jrs.landscaping

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    A good owner/employer knows how to delegate lesser tasks to employees. If my guys were standing for 10 minutes waiting for me to get off the phone something is wrong. Same with the estimate/picking up the mower from the dealer. Utilizing employees to lessen the strain on the owner can happen even if the owner remains in the field. The problem is some people starting a business have these grandiose visions of sitting behind a desk while "their guys" go out and make them money..... after the first year of business :hammerhead:
  7. MDLawn

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    I like this statement the best....

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