are you willing to lose a client over this ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jan 23, 2005.

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    residential snow cleanup, i thought about it, i decided it was not worth the agrivation. i refered most of them to someone else. i kept a few, for some pocket money. now, the contract states, i'll give you the short version: we get there when we get there. anything over 12" is charged accordingly (at my discretion). if i show up, and it's already done, YOU PAY ME ANYWAY. sign here, or throw it in the garbage, i couldn't care less either way. ok, 4 of these who signed the agreement, were done before i got there. out of all 4 of them, nobody bothered to call. the accumilation was over 12", i plan to send them a bill for $100 each. these are also lawn cutting clients. i know damn well if i push the issue on the snow fee, they will cancel thier grass services. i feel inclined however to stand my ground. is it worth it to you to lose the grass clients, or do u bow your head and not bill them for the snow?
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    Besides, you should be charging for something like 2-3", 3.1-5", 5.1-7" 7" above per hour extra over initial fee.

    Something like that.
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    Bobby you sure get some tough ones going on here. Are they grass cust. you really want or not? i guess thats the way to figure it.
  4. bobbygedd

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    yea jeff i know the drill. sure, i want them as grass clients, but i also want my money for the snow, and more importantly, i want to stand my ground to make a point
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    Maybe that is why I can't seem to sell any snow removal contracts here in South Florida.

    Great Idea about the "I'll get there if I feel like it". After all why the rush it is only snow. You are saving the poor customer life by not letting him drive in the inclement weather. You also are doing the guy a favor by billing even if he does it him self. Knowing he has to pay any way will keep him from falling over dead with a snow shovel in his hand. Of course I like the Idea of a snow shovel over a snow blower. Kind of hard to hit the sucker up side the head with a snow blower.

    Now be sure to stand your ground and never bow your head. Those customer are tearing their pocket to pay you for those fine services. I am going to take your approach on my next big Snow removal contract. In fact I think I will start to advertise for Snow Removal. I should do well since no one else seems to offer these services.
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    make your point, loose the customers, and take the municipal job.

    you cannot expect them to pay anything except mabey a $25.00 or so service call. to travel to thier properties. you're only charging $28-$35 to visit the properties ANDmow them. so i would think this would cover your service call.

    also in another thread recently you were telling jodi that her time was not a tangeable product. that it did not "cost her anything" have a detour and add time to her route.

    folling YOUR logic, why should they owe you anything.... all you did was spend a little time and ride over there. you have said that all your accounts are within 5 miles of your house, so it could not have taken you that long to find out that they were done.

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    I would just charge them your "regular" snow rate, and let 'em know you let them off with a warning so to speak. Unless, in your opinion, the roads were so bad that you took a considerable risk just to drive to them.
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    ZING! Good point YardPro.

    How about you make it look like your doing them a favor by not charging them all the fees and just bill them $25 for the service charge. This way you get some money but you keep them as grass customers.
  9. bobbygedd

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    ah, yardbird, always a pleasure. so how do we build a business? first of all, we must decide if our product, is a product we can sell. sure, snow removal is a sell able product. ok, what equipment will we need? well, that would be based, on our client base. a client base of only one, or two clients, would not be worthwhile, afterall, you need to buy insurence. ok, so u have enough clientelle, to justify the purchase of insurence. great, SPLENDID, now, does my client base justify the purchase of equipment, and what kind of equipment. ok, great, you have 15 clients lined up, everyone has commited themselves to the service. you invest in the neccesary equipment. you go out, and 4 of them did it by themself, or had the neighbor with the new snowblower do it. now,almost 33% of your clientelle is gone, and this 33% was your profit. you are now working FOR FREE!!! get it, fool? i will seek reimbursement for lost wages.
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    Sounds like you got cabin fever....need to blow off some steam,,,,,maybe let it slid,and come spring do a price ADJ. on something else

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