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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by iclgs, Mar 7, 2003.

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    I am wanting to add aeration and dethachting to our services. How much is this going to cost me and what type of equipment should I purchase. Please keep in mind cash flow is a problem right now!!

    Also how much do ou all charge for these services?
  2. walker-talker

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    Starting out you might try and find a good deal on some used equipment, then later move up to some good stuff. Around $3000 for good aerator and around $1500 for good dethatcher.
    Cost of services will depend on how much you spend and what your market is. Do a search and you will find varies prices throughout the country.

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    an option u might want to use right now until u get some better cash flow is to rent the equipment????? thats what i plan on doing. for dethatching i usually charge anywhere from a little more then what i charge to mow the property all the way up to double (depending on the job) for aerating i charge anywhere from double to triple depending on the property etc. hope this helps and also be sure to check out the SEARCH feature you will find tons of reading on this.

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