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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scottb, Oct 22, 2001.

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    First post in a while this question is for one of my friends that I have been helping on my slow day's. The home owner says you dont areate Zoyasia because it will invite weeds. I say you do to fight compaction. Also what is the best way to cut Zoyasia or what is the optium height?
    Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    Depending on the quantity of cores you pull out with the core aeration, you will want to core aerate every 2 years. If you're not pulling many cores out then every year is a good idea.

    You will want to keep it at about 2 inches in height. You never want to cut off more than one third of the grasses height off at a time. So if it is 3 inches then cut 1 inch off only.

    This information was offered by Smith Turf Farms who specialize in zoysia plugs.
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    Thanks for your answers I will foward this to my buddy.
    This was the first Zoyasia I have saw and I must say that it is very much the different customer compared to good ole tall fescue.
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    I deal with zoysia all the time. Its my favorite grass. Makes a very thick, dark green carpet. I have a very nice stand in my front lawn. I aerate it every year at midspring. Zoysia will take over any type of grass or weeds. Aerating will not allow weeds, it will make the zoysia spread better and get thicker. I always run my Lazer over it at 3". 2.75" only the first cut of the year when it starts to green up. It spreads and stays very thick at this height. No weed problems at all. The weed seeds get no light whatsoever with zoysia at 3".
  6. Kirbyslawn post w. the link is the best advice on proper cutting height esp for Hawaii conditions. I currently mow an account in Lanikai with emerald zoysia at 3/4 inch with my 10 blade Pro-Master reel mower. I don't use the catcher and let the cuttings lay on the top to return the N.

    If the customer will not agree to my special rates for dethaching/resanding and reel mowing zoysia, I just run the Honda or Lawnboy at whatever height seems best B-4 scalping. This way I go for a happy medium rather than golf course perfection and can still offer a service for those who can't go top drawer.

    You can't kill this grass! I'm serious. I've had dealings with this turf since 1973! And to be sure, it will grow where you DON'T want it. So, use poly edging for the beds and keep the round up for control (remember I said you can't kill this stuff! It will just send out more runners.)

    When pulling out all the stops in maintaining this grass, you will probably feel as me that it is the best turf in the industry.

    Hope this helps,


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