Areins Sport-Zoom?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Nick17, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. Nick17

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  2. fubunics

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    That is a poorly made homeowner model and would probably be money poorly spent for anyone thinking of using it for even LIGHT commercial use. For one thing, look at how the front Caster Wheels are attached. I'd hate to see what would happen to those front wheels if you hit anything like a curb or tree trunk at a decent speed - not good. It's also probably going to be underpowered by a couple of horsepower for its application. I'd suggest you look into a 36" walk behind, or if you insist on being lazy and want a small ZTR, look into a 34Z from Gravely, Encore, etc.
  3. txlawnking

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    I'd avoid it like the plauge. I would not even buy it if I were a homeowner...
  4. MOJO111

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    Hey Nick G'day mate. I bought a zoom1640' and I could'nt be happier:D if you want a small Z then its not a bad machine.
    It can cut 5 acres in 2.5 hrs, or less- thats with line trimming as well and it duz a realy good cut .
  5. Nick17

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    Thanks guys, will stay away. Thought it was a small perfect "starting" wb for me.. but I guess I'm wrong.

    What about their other Z's? Worth buying?


  6. pcguy

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    Snapper's ZT1844KOH, the FAST TRACK, is the machine I own. Well built. full steel frame, 18 Horse Kohler Engine, dual commerical hydrostatic wheel motors. I cut my mowing time on residential in half or less. Priced @ around $3700 - 4000.
  7. MJD75

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    Have been using the Zoom for a while now. Excellant machine, great starter for about $2500. This has simply changed the way I run my business. Some people don't understand the tight budget and starting with a small homeowner unit for your biz, but it works for me and I am competing with the big boys around here, easily matching quality. Maintain your machine, change your blades, use common sense, and don't run into curbs or tree trunks or brick walls and it will last!!!
  8. MOJO111

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    What size zoom do ya have??:D
  9. MOJO111

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    Btw MJD the zoom 1640' coast $9000!! down under ,your right
    when your on a budget you use what you can:D
  10. MJD75

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    I bought the 1540 it's the first model they had in.

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