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  1. kermit wrote:<p>&gt;They don't even put the jobs up for bids? Here that is ILLEGAL<p>Certain professional services need not be <br>placed before the public to bid.<p>Who knows maybe it was out for bid with my specs. I don't read the daily paper in that area.<p>Baseball now and football in the fall is<br>the big deal. While you guys will be eating<br>your Easter dinner I will be at the school<br>all day treating a Lesco renovator like a<br>rented mule.
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    here all the schools do the cutting and maintenance themselves. each township owns there own trucks, trailers and equipment and the township hires maintenance guys buy the hour to do all the work. let me tell you... they couldnt do a worse job! the athletic feildsa round here are weed infested sparse and cut cut every 2 weeks at like 2 inches. the schools are weedwacked aND EDGED maybe 3 times a year.
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    Over here each school has its own groundsman.<br>So the maintenance level is fairly high.<br>Only during the christmas and easter holidays<br>do they call outside help in. I get called<br>in to bush hog athletic fields over the christmas school holidays (6 weeks) because<br>the school staff is away too. Bush hog keeps<br>it all under control for when they get back.<p>Karl<br>
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    In our area commercial bids sometimes require a listing of equipment and size of staff. A solo operator will be eliminated quickly because he has no depth of staff. The basic question is, &quot;So if you get hurt, sick or whatever, what happens to the contract and timely service?&quot; There are so many large commercial maintenance companies in this area, that the competition is fierce for all types of mowing. And even homeowners have been known to &quot;take four bids&quot; for their lawn mowing. Point is not everbody's boat is in the same river so count your blessings instead of criticizing the other sailors.<br>And jeffclc: Point out to that goofy customer that your phone still works--they did have your number on those letters, right? Then put the bill for first mowing in their hand and wish them good luck.<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>
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    i`ve sat back and observed this site since feb. when i found it.i`ve even posted a few questions.but i have grown weary of mr.lawrence i see it ,he has the answer to everything,which is fine ,but only ina condescending manner.i`m not saying i disagree with everything that has been said,but PLEASE give it a rest.these people come to the forum with legit questions,answer them to help,but save the personal quips or degrading when its asked for, not here.i`ve been in the business for 18 yrs.and still do not have all the answers,(unlike mr. stone)<br>residential accounts can be VERY profitable if approached the right way.don`t dismiss them.<br>just my opinion,<br>dave
  6. evan wrote:<p>&gt;they couldnt do a worse job! the athletic feildsa round here are weed infested sparse and cut cut every 2 weeks at like 2 inches. the schools are weedwacked aND EDGED maybe 3 times a year. <br> <br>Well why are you not direct selling the superentendents and grounds managers of the school districts that are so poorly manitained in your local area?<p>You already own the mower, add a tine rake, 12 vt spreader/sprayer, aerator and your in<br>the athletic field maint biz.<p>Any turf looks good when cut with a 62&quot; toro<br>with a fresh set of blades. And always remember when it comes to mowing speed kills<br>the quality of cut.<br>
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    In my area some of the schools have gone to outside help. The custodians used to mow the grass, and that was it, no trimming or anything else. A couple years ago the State made them add on new classrooms to thin out the # of kids in each room. I got my foot in the door early and now have 5 of the 6 elementary schools in town. I cut 2 complete and the other 3 just the fronts, the showy areas. They are never gonna pay what they are worth but it is yearly income and I love to look at them when I'm done. <p>As far as the fields, the schools take care of them. I don't know of any around here that sub out the mowing.<p>Homer

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