Argh getting a new hustler but can't decide engine

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Itsgottobegreen, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Itsgottobegreen

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    Ok as some of you know, I am getting out of landscaping. Just doing solo tractor/skidsteer work and koi pond maintenance from now on. So I got rid of all but 3 customer and sold off my two Kubota ZD-28s. Well after 1 time of cutting 7 acres worth of grass with a 48" wb. I decided to get something new for my house and my 3 best customers I have been doing since I was 15.

    After owning a scag, ferris, wright, exmark, bunton, snapper, toro, bobcat and kubota machines over the years. I decide to finally break down and buy a hustler. I always loved them, but never had a dealer with in 2 hours of me. And now I have a dealer and they are fantastic. So a brand new hustler super Z is on its way here.

    Here is my problem. I love power. My last two machines where 28hp diesels. And I want a diesel, but just can't see spending $14,000 on a single machine thats going to get 5 hrs a week of use. Its not justifiable to me. Plus this would require me financing it, vs paying cash.

    So this leaves me with gas choices. And my dealer refused to sell me anything but the big gas motors because he know I won't be happy otherwise. So I got the following options:
    31hp kawi (leaning towards) $10,749
    30hp kohler $9649
    28hpEFI kohler. $10,599.

    Now I have always been a fan of kawi motors. But every kohler I have had, has been nothing but trouble. Now my dealer swears by the kohler EFI because of the fuel savings. Along with more responsive and more torque. But my problem is, I can't see spending $1100 to get a 31hp kawi over the 30hp kohler. Or $950 to get the gas saving EFI. At least the efi it will pay itself back with the price of fuel.

    Would somebody help me decide to spend the extra money for the fancy EFI engine. Or risk the chance with the another kohler. Or just dig a littler deeper and get a big kawi.

    ARGH too many choices. I know somebody here knows the pros and cons to all 3 choices. Thanks
  2. JB1

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    well all I can say is I have the 30 kohler and have been happy with it, it has been working fine for me.

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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  4. JTF40

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    You ask for a suggestion, so here is mine.

    I would spent $10,500.00 and go BACK to Kubota and purchase a ZD331 w/60" Prodeck. Fuel-sippin' 31HP diesel with boat-loads of torque. Very smooth and built like a machine SHOULD be.

    How do I know? I owned one and loved it. I sold it because it was way to big for the property I own. :usflag:
  5. Toad

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    2nd that ^
  6. lawnspecialties

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    Unless I missed it, you never said what size SuperZ you're getting. If it's a 60", I'd consider a 26LC motor as well. I have the 26LC Kawasaki on both my 60" and 66" SuperZ.

    60": 26hp LC Kawasaki
    66" or 72": 31hp Kawasaki
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    IT IS CALLED A ENGINE NOT A MOTOR a motor has an external power input source an engine makes its own power internally via fuel air combustion in which expanding gasses drive a piston down creating power. A motor requires some external power source ie pressurized hydraulic fluid, electricity and so on. Sorry just had to say it no offense meant and hopefully none taken.:waving:
  8. 04TurfT

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    saki!!!! only way to go!
  9. Bennett scape

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    what 04TurfT said
  10. DLCS

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    I got the 31hp Kawi in my new Deere 850 and although I've only used it for a few hrs, it sure is a beast. So, until I have reason to believe otherwise my vote would be for the 31hp kawi.

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