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    My truck is blowing through coolant like nothing else, I think the head gasket is on it's way out. She's not leaking anywhere, so I know it's not a coolant system leak. Oil seems to be natural color so I don't think it's getting through the jackets anywhere. :cry: I'm about 4 months shy of buying a newer vehicle, guess I better pull the trigger on one sooner than expected and get out of my truck. I was planning on waiting until after my training is done and I'm dispatched to start work in June, but I don't think my truck is going to make it that long. Plus, I have to drive 250+ miles a week to the training grounds for 7 weeks, I'm a little nervous about attempting that with a truck that has 203K on it. Anyone wanna loan me some cash?! :laugh: Gonna go talk to the bank tomorrow and see if I qualify to borrow about $23K, I've been building some credit the last year or so through credit card, cell phone, insurance payments, and a small personal loan, I'm thinking I'm in the 700 bracket which isn't mind blowing but I'm hoping I can land a loan to get me up a newer rig. Kaiser can I borrow the 5500 for a couple months if I'm not approved? :cool2: I'm shopping for newer Toyota Tacomas, found a couple with about 5K miles on them loaded up for about $21-23K. I've never been an advocate of buying new vehicles, but driving and getting to the jobsite is paramount if I plan on keeping my job.

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    what kind of truck is it? If it is a chevy with the oranage coolant it will not show up in the oil the same as green will. intake gaskets are very common on these.
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    Believe me you would not want that fuel bill every week. Chicks would dig ya though.
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    All you have to say is to your old man, my truck is dead so give me your P/U truck and you can buy a new one :laugh:

    If you have lots of white exhaust and it smells sweet then your burning antifreeze. Pull the spark plugs out and if they are really white on the tips (steam cleaned) then you know your burning coolant.

    The cheap option is dump some Bars leak into the rad and see it seals up what ever is leaking.
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    Scag,you still drive the Ford 150 isn't it with the what like the 5.4 engine.

    Not sure if i have eveything right ,but my brother is a mechanic at a Ford dealership and i remember him telling me about one that he had with same problem as yours.

    If i have it right or this is close???? There are like o'rings around the intake manifold that goes bad and the water(anitfreeze) will leak that way.Doesn't show up as you said.

    Something to have checked if you don't decided to go ahead with your trade.Good luck:usflag:
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    i'll sell you a '97 Nissan Hardbody in great shape with 114,000 on the 3/4ton diesel is coming as soon as i graduate and need a buyer for my current truck, if i find a buyer for my current truck faster then the 3/4 ton comes faster:drinkup:
  7. Gravel Rat

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    I thought Scags truck is a OBS Ford with the 300-6 ?

    That 150 has lots of miles on it I converted it to kilometers and you rarely see a 150 with that many kms on it still running. My dads 95 F-150 has 220,000kms 136,708 miles on it and the truck is worn out.
  8. OhioMowerGuy

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    Well scag, it looks like its time to find yourself a nice duramax
  9. Scag48

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    Yep, GR is right, it's a '94 F150 with the 4.9 300, which is a pretty reliable motor but I cannot figure out where the coolant is going. I now it's not leaking, it's getting burned up somewhere.

    My buddy has a '90 VW GTI with an 8 valve in it, the motor only has 40K on it after the rebuild and he's going to sell it for $3K. Same friend is a mechanic at a Ford dealership as well, we've wrenched on my F150 a few times and he helped me get it running after it quit on me 2 weeks ago. I'm just a little bit nervous taking on a $400/month car payment before I know what my work situation will be, I'm thinking I might buy his VW as it gets pretty good mileage and should be pretty reliable. I'll keep it long enough to make sure I have a solid paycheck coming in then buy a new truck. However, it makes more sense to just pull the trigger on a new truck now, I'm just nervous about doing so before I land a union job. I'm still not 100% guaranteed a spot, I'm pretty sure I'll make it through and everything will be fine, but I have a 4 day session on the 10th of March to get through. I'm assuming once I start the 7 week training I'm guaranteed a job after, but then again I'm not really sure how the whole process works.
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    Just got off the phone with my old man, he told me to just deal with it and quit playing the "what if" game and run it until July if it doesn't blow up. :hammerhead: :dizzy: Sometimes I really wonder about my parents

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