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    UP until the other day the lawns were drier than a popcorn fart. My customer isnt running her irrigation and the lawn guy is mowing at a generous 2.5 inches. The lawn was in great condition and was cooking nicely till last Wed. It was a gift from the baby Jesus that it rained as much as it did Wed night on-lawn bounced back but the lawn guy is still mowing at a short height and I will be back to being blamed for a poor lawn.

    I have emailed and written instructions on my service records of each application that it needs more water and higher height. It really sucks that the things I will be judged on, I have no control over. The account is 60K in area so its a money account, Im sure I wont get them next year due to the mowing guys. PLEASE RAISE YOUR HEIGHT WHEN ITS DRY MOWING GUYS:hammerhead:
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    Same prob here on a 90k lawn. I've been doing it for years and saw a decline since last year. Weeds, poor color, ect. On Sat, lawn was the worst I've ever seen it. Scalped everywhere, dull blade, ect. Now I know why it looks so bad. I'm not looking forward to calling the property manager and slamming the mowing company but I must say something. I know the mowing co will just say it's me, but what else can I do?
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    I've allways been puzzled why many commercial-cutters insist on mowing turf too short during drought conditions. If they are contract (limit the number of cuts) I suppose it would benefit them in theory, but, if they are "by-the-cut" it is lunacy. Keep it taller and the turf will be healthier, reduce stress and create a canopy to reduce weed populations. Not all of them do it, but many of the fly by night guys hack away at 2" or less with blades that are sharpened about every other month if at all. I understand why many homeowners do it (stupid) but these are supposed to be professionals.

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