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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AMAC, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. AMAC

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    Do you guys think that 2 companies that want the same account should argue with each other over business? I'll admit that I don't like to be under bid (no one does), it has happened to me many times, but I understand that we all do what we have to do, to put food on the table. With the saturation of lawn companies in my area, many of the lco's are starting to take it personal and when I say personal, I mean they want to fight! I had a run in with a company owner of a very large operation this past year and he would say or do any thing to P%^& me off. This kind of stuff makes me sick, and makes it real hard to not make it personal, I felt like shoving his weedeater up his A%^. I believe that any company (large or small) should be treated with respect by their peers, even if we don't like them. Competition seperates the men from the boys and is what makes or breaks a business, only the smart and strong will survive the test of competition, I hope that as we all grow in size that we don't forget where we started. As business owners we should find alternate ways of dealing with competition. business is like a chess game and I just wanted to put things in check! What do you think?
  2. BCM

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    -AMAC- I totally agree with you AMAC, I konw were you are coming from. and like you said "only the strong will survive.
    by the way...what part of Mo are you from?


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  4. Avery

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    Totally unprofessional IMO. Had one here going around shooting their mouth off about other companys including mine. A couple of us have all but put him out of business. I have never considered myself a lowballer, fact is I am usually the high bidder. But you start talking smack about me and you better come prepared for a battle. I will cut your bid in half on all your jobs. I can afford to take a loss on a few accounts. Most LCO's can't. He was one of those.
  5. AMAC

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    from MO
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    Any other views on this?
  6. packerbacker

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    just make sure you medical covers removal of weedeaters from rear end:)
  7. bastalker

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    I would this. If I have to take money out of my pocket to fight with some other lco over an account. the other lco is more than welcome to it.

    I have a certain $ figure, and if I cant reach it with any account, then someone else can have it. If the lco is shootin thier mouths off so what. I am not about to low ball em and lose money.

    I'll show em up, an in the long run I'll get the account, cause if yer good it dont matter what anyone says or does.....
  8. packerbacker

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    I have to agree with bastalker on this one. And BTW what comes around goes around in this business. If the job is good enough dont worry about people talking smack on you.
  9. broken leg

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    I don't bid jobs on cost and will tell a customer so. If I bid a job I ask a customer if price is the main factor if so I do not bid. I tell them I am not the cheapest show in town nor the most expensive. The customers I have now want ME to cut there grass. I also find it is bad business to talk about another LCO if you can not say something good then say nothing. But most of the guys around here are good people and alot of us eat breakfast together when it rains.
  10. Avery

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    You do not know the whole story. That was the readers digest version. Never say you will not do something. That has a way of coming back to bite you. He was trying to take LOTS of money out of my pocket. I see what me and a few other did as a small investment to get rid of the scrub.

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