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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by McVey Landscape, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. McVey Landscape

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    Argument broke out during a job over mulching next to the house. Neighbor said I was doing it all wrong since we created new beds next to the foundation of the residence and placed mulch down. I explained I would rather rock it, but the customer wants mulch. I explained my customer has the house treated every year for terminates so Mulch would be just fine.

    Any comments on mulching next to the residence. We do it all the time and I explain to my customers it could be an invite for wood boring insects.
  2. White Gardens

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    I've never seen any issues with using Mulch next to a house. Even after moving around old mulch that has sat in beds for a couple of years, I've never run across any areas that looked to have insect problems.
  3. lukemelo216

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    yes mulch does attract some insects both good and bad, but it has never been an issue. Mulching it will be just fine, regardless of whether he gets ther termite control or not. I would say like 7 in 10 houses have mulch next to the foundation in my area.
  4. Get Some...

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    Just keep it off any wood.
  5. Big Bad Bob

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    I just adore neighbors who come over to tell me how to do my job. I usually hand them a rake and say, "You do it."
  6. McVey Landscape

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    I would have say we mulch 9 out 10 of our residence in this area. I prefer dark colored or natural mulch over rock any day. I hate the red or gold. It over powers the look of the plants. The dark or natural makes the beds look sharp.

    Funny about this neighbor who also said I was not doing it right since I did not put down any thick plastic. I explained to him I never use plastic or fabric when using mulch since we put it down 3-4 inches thick and Preen or Snap shot prior to mulching.
  7. CAlawn

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    About the neighbor,the idea of approaching someone that is NOT working for them and lecture them about things they might not know specifics,makes them just NOSY,and un-welcomed.
    They could NEVER know if the customer is willing to pay to lay landscape fabric/plastic before dumping the mulch,and in some beds with many plants,it can even take more time to install the fabric than spreading the mulch.
    Are the neighbors going to pay for that?
    Beside,the plastic only block weeds from the bottom,but what about the dust that accumulates over time OVER the mulch where weeds eventually grow also?
    Does the neighbor knows about that?

    Of course,every neighbor is a potential customer,but at the same time,you MUST show determination about the reasons you are doing a work in a specific way.
    If you are able to explain them well,and the message gets through,you will come out of it a winner,but some neighbors would want you to feel ashamed about what you are doing.
    Don't let them : you are doing a job as a professional,you know exactly why you do things in a certain way,and sometimes customers wants you to do the WRONG THINGS,and are willing to pay for it,which in ALL cases,is not your lack of knowledge,but theirs (or their stubbornness).
    As long as the wrong work is not potentially dangerous,there is no fault on perform it.

    They way to treat neighbors is to establish a way to make your statement.
  8. Century Landscape

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    We mulch around houses all the time, it's the most common thing done in this area. I've had several customers tell me that their termite company says to just be sure that it's not touching any wood and that you don't mulch higher than the concrete slab ( don't mulch up over their brick ), as this gives the termites an easier way in.

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