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    I have inherited an ancient Ariens 'Emperor' with an 8 hp B&S. Is the blade supposed to turn even when the clutch for the blade is IN,...when trying to start it? (I take it that when the clutch is in the OUT position that it means that it is engaged and the blade is meant to turn.) It seems to me that it would be a lot easier to pull-start the engine if the blade wasn't connected at the time. Also, is it a big job or expensive or even possible to put an electric start on it?

    And if you have the time, how does one get the pin out, where it holds the steering wheel on?

    I appreciate any leads here. I'd love to bring this dinosaur back up to snuff.

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    If the blade stays engaged with the lever in or out someone has most likely installed a belt that's too short.

    I don't believe you want to go the expense of installing electric start the proper way.

    Use a roll pin punch to remove the roll pin holding the steering wheel on but use plenty of penetrating oil and soak it good.

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