Ariens 724 7HP Engine Racing and Stalling

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ScagSteve, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. ScagSteve

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    Hello everyone,

    I am the proud owner of an early '90s Ariens 724 snowblower with the 7HP Techumseh engine. Model 932027. The machine is in excellent condition, however it has been plagued by a rather annoying issue that I am looking for some advice on --

    I'll electric start it, and it starts up fine... but as it runs it throttles very strangely. Let me see if I can depict the sound here:


    And eventually, if unattended, it will stall out. What I typically do to delay it from stalling are:

    1) Mess around with the throttle (slow down and then speed up)
    2) Run the auger even if no snow is in the intake

    These things will keep it going for a bit longer, but generally it will stall out every 15 minutes or so without me being able to stop it.

    I just did an oil change last night, and wanted to try and spray some carb cleaner into the carb but couldn't find it. I suspect that this is a carburetor issue of some sort? Or, does this machine have a coil? (could it be a coil issue?)

    Please advise --

  2. mowisme

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    to my 'un- professional' opinion, sounds like it is starting to either be getting the low-speed circut plugging up- or the low speed adjusting screw is a bit to lean. govener racing up/down. can turn screw out just a bit to see if that helps. or try the bigger one on bottom of float bowl if nothing else helps- some one more knowledgable will answer I'm sure..just wait. Geno
  3. Grouch

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    Sounds like the engine is running too lean. If you have adjustment screws on the carb, there will one for the idle set and one for the top end. If this is not the case, you'll probably have to remove the carb and have it cleaned. You didn't say how long this unit has been sitting. If the unit does have the adjustment screws, back the idle set (the one on the top) out about half a turn and get the unit started. Tinker with it a bit to obtain the best idle, then open it up a quarter turn past that. Once the unit is good and warm, set the throttle at maximum rpm. Now turn the screw on the bottom of the bowl to set the high side. Again, open it up a bit more when the unit is giving it all it has under a no load condition.
  4. Two Seasons

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    My older Ariens 824 needs the choke partially engaged during use. It's been that way ever since purchased in 1996. My 2006 Ariens 926LE doesn't need any choke after a couple of minutes.

    Both have the L head Tecumseh engines which is what I believe is your engine as well.

    Try engaging the choke partially and see what happens. It may eliminate the "hunting" the blower is doing. I'd agree with the other posters regarding adjusting the carb, but do it using Tecumseh's direction or take it to your trusted dealer for adjustment.

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