Ariens/Gravely-What's the difference?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Joe Midwest, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Joe Midwest

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    What's the difference between Ariens and Gravely products? Is there a difference between the quality of materials, design, or manufacturing? For example, is there a significant difference between an Areins zoom 50 and a Gravely zt50?

    I've been running the heck out of my new Gravely zt 34 since the beginning of the season. The only problem I've had so far was that the wire harness connected to the pto switch worked itself loose. Other than that I have no complaints about it's quality.

    I want to upgrade to a 50" deck next season (with limited funds), and it seems like a no brainer to get the Ariens if there is basically no difference between the machines. By difference I'm talking quality, design, etc... not warranties and such.

    Thanks in advance for any comments.
  2. Richard Martin

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    There is no comparing the Ariens to the Gravely. They are 2 completely different mowers with the Ariens being a lighter duty mower by far. As an example the Ariens uses a 12 ga. formed deck. The Gravely ZT uses a 10 ga. fabricated deck. There are many reasons the Gravely costs a lot more money.
  3. Joe Midwest

    Joe Midwest LawnSite Member
    from NW MO
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    Is the difference pretty much through and through?...frame, spindles, hydros... etc?
  4. Richard Martin

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    Yes. Ariens only owns Gravely, they don't build mowers together. Gravely used to sell a rebranded Ariens ZTR but they've stopped doing that.
  5. gebby

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    I agree with Richard. My Gravely dealer at one time also sold Ariens. Now Ariens is in the Home Depot. Many companys are doing that. John Deere would be one Example with residential/home owners mowers at Lowes. 2 completly different mowers. If you are wondering I would go and ask your Gravely dealer, I am sure he knows by heart and will show & tell you the difference between the two.
  6. Mowingman

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    Ariens builds many of the Gravely and Ariens machines in the same factory. The Ariens machines are designed and built for typical homeowner use. The Gravely machines are designed and built for commercial type use. No comparison. When I was a Gravely dealer, Ariens did build some Ariens homeowner machines and put Gravely decals and paint on them. This was so that "Gravely only" dealers would have a line of less expensive homeowner machines to sell. I believe this only lasted a couple of years, and now, there are no machines that are the same, sold under the two brandnames.
  7. dbear

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    You are mistaken. The two models in question are mechanically identical in every way. The only difference is the paint. While I haven't priced those two specific models, I suspect they are the same, as I did price the Max Zoom 60 and ZT 60HD which both came in at $4999.

    Where the difference in the lines kicks in is with the Ariens Pro Zoom (Everride?) and Gravely Pro lines (Compact, Pro-Turn, Pro-Ride, and Pro-Master).
  8. Richard Martin

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    Here's the Zoom 50.


    It has a 12 ga formed deck, 2.5 gal fuel, 6 mph top speed, 25 Courage engine, EZT transaxle.

    Here's the Gravely ZT HD.


    It has a 10 ga fabricated deck, 7.3 gal fuel, 8 mph top speed, 24 HP Kawasaki (26 on the 52), Hydrogear 3100 series transaxle.

    They are nowhere near the same mower.
  9. Richard Martin

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