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LawnSite Senior Member
Columbus Ga
i guess as far as a inespenive trim mower it,s probbally ok for starters as if your going to make a purchase of a new 21" do demo a toro 2 cycle with a suzki engine their good and fast not much on heavy leaves but very fast on grass top speed 3+ mph a fast walk....if you want to increase your productivity and can aford $1000-$1500 go with a used gear drive 36"or42" mid size( i like toro) you can put a 2 wheel velki on it and save a lot of time and walking.


LawnSite Senior Member
Portsmouth, VA
I have a 21" Ariens with swivel wheels. I have used John Deere and Toro, as well as Lawn Boy 2 cycle. I think the Lawn boy had the best cut, but The Ariens is so easy to maneuver and no crawl or run gears. Good machine, but I wish they's put a Kawi engine on it.