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  1. cuttinfirefighter

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    i was wondering if there were anyone in the forum who lives and has a business in Arizona? My wife wants to move from Cincinnati Ohio to Florida i dont cause of the hurricanes i told here that i would be willing to move to arizona ..... i would like to know how the business is out there..... give me a holler if you are there and in business to let me know who work is there;)
  2. capmaint

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    There are a lot of guys with mowers around here. Some are making $$ while many (I think) are not. If you do what you say you will, treat the customer with respect, and of course, follow the advice found on lawnsite, you will do well.
    Im pretty new to the business so Im probably not the best resource for you but I can tell you that you need to be prepared for 115 degrees in the summers!!
    Lots of firefighters doing this on their days off..thats who got me started....
  3. Rex Mann

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    I live in Phoenix. My business is going well and growing as well. However, we only do pavers and walls. It can be hot in the summer, but you deal with it. I'd rather work here in 115 degrees with 10% humidity then in Ohio, where I'm from, when its 90 degrees and humid.

    Today it was 60 and sunny.:)



    our web site
  4. precisioncut

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    What part of AZ will you move to?
  5. cuttinfirefighter

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    :confused: i havent really looked that far into it, the wifey will be out of nursing school in july....... i am just running this up the flag pole to see who will salute it.... i dont want to stop fighting fires cause it is so much fun..... i would have to try to get on out there in AZ if i did move cause this is one occupation that you just cant walk away from easily..... atleast i cant...... but i really appreciate you guys responding to my post...... i think i would like to be near pheonix.... but i would have to do some research on the state......... i also have a hook up with Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority and they pay pretty well i would want to try to get in good with somethin like that if i go out there ...... thanks for the input :blob2:
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    I'm a 4th generation native, have local firefighters in the family and am in the biz. You should plan on making a trip to AZ in the summer to get a grasp on the weather, housing and make a few PHFD connections. There's quite a bit of competition but also 3.3 million people in the valley, so lots of work. Desert/gravel landscapes with a peanut of grass (eg:500sq ft) are the norm for 1/4 and 1/8 acre lots. Larger 1/2 to 2 acre lots in central Phoenix/Paradise Valley are where the larger accounts (midwest style) are located. Get in with a few locals and you will have more work than you might care for.

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