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Arkansas Herbicide Test


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Little Rock, AR
Hello, I'm new to lawnsite. I've been part-time for about three years and I'm about to step out on a limb and go full time. I'm taking the weed control test here in Arkansas about a month from now. The state plant board sent me alot of study material but I'm kinda overwhelmed. I have no idea what to focus on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I love this website!



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I live in NE Arkansas and I TOTALLY understand what you mean. The info is OVERWHELMING!!!!!!!!! I really want to take the test next month myself. I posted a thread about this same topic awhile back and got NO real answers. I need it narrowed down. What type of questions are on the test. What to study the most!!! I hope this thread gets some REAL answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I live in Texas and I have no idea how similar or dissimilar the exams are to one another. That's my disclaimer. But we had to take three different exams. One general exam, one laws and regs exam, and one area specific exam, which was ornamental and turf for me. The general and laws and regs exams were a piece of cake. The area specific exam was a killer! If your exam setup is similar to what the Texas exams are, I would focus most of my time and energy to the specific exam, unless you feel weak on the laws and regs.


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I thought SC sent a good bit of info to study but found the tests rather easy. I just read each study guide/book several times prior to testing. The info in the books comes in handy even if it isn't included on the exams. My suggestion is to relax, read and go take the exam. Good luck


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Mocksville NC
I am taking the Nc pesticide license test next month.. They give you two study books and after each chapter you have a practice test.. My plan is to read both books twice and then hopefully I'll know it enough to pass
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ted putnam

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I'm probably not going to be much help here because I've had my license for quite a few years now. Read any and all study materials they give you several times if you can. The Extension office has a PDF called Applying Pesticides Correctly. I used a book with the same title to study from years ago but I think it was published by the U of F. I also suggest reading anything like that you can find. Don't worry about the MP-44. It is merely a reference book.

Also, The Arkansas Turfgrass Association is having the annual Turfgrass Conference this next week (22nd & 23rd) at the Hot Springs Convention Center. One of the Thursday afternoon workshops is preparing for the Pesticide exam. You can pre register at the Turfgrass Association website.
$75 for the registration and an extra $25 for the workshop. I'll be at the conference with "bells" on...