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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by yardscaper, Feb 13, 2005.

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    Has anyone ever used one of the Military 6x6 trucks in their business? I was curious to get opinions on this. I know that fuel milage and speed are a big factor, but for hauling material from the quarry and running loads of stone and block to jobs would these trucks be worth considering? I want a truck that can be abused or overloaded (the quarry is notorious for that one! :angry: ) and keep on trucking. This would not be an every day runner, but for those in and out hauls and for our hard to get to erosion control I was considering this option. I work on all of my own equipment and have torn into diesels, hydraulic systems, and drive components and rebuilt them many times.

    Really, I am just getting opinions on this, no purchase in the near future at this point. Thanks! :cool:
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    That is a good place to look. Email them and give them your questions.

    Their place is huge and they have just about every military truck part you can think of. I ride by it every year going to the beach, as White Owl is 2 hours southeast from here.
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    Messages: 3,702 , buy them dirrect . They are 24 volt systems . Yes they would be strong trucks , But ask yourself 1 question , How come you dont see others using them?
  4. yardscaper

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    I have asked the question as to why no one uses these trucks. Almost all of them did not know a lot about working on trucks and feared that these would be a nightmare to get parts for and even worse to work on. I have 2 friends that are in the military and they rebuild these trucks all of the time and say they are good units. I see this as both a business truck and sort of a hobby of mine. I was just wondering if any of you actually use one in business or know of one out there that is being used.

    Thanks for the replies and links! :cool2:
  5. mastercraft

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    I have alot of experience with these vehicles after 22 years in the army, and can say that they are very good vehicles, and will go just about anywhere you have the guts to take them. I would recommend a 5 ton truck instead of a 2 1/2 ton though, as they are rated much heavier for civilian use. Parts and repairs are not a problem as the engines and most parts are the same as commercial trucks, and anything not can be found used easily-many thousands were built. On the downside, these vehicles are not comfortable to drive, and have no creature comforts in the cab. Also, most will have very low mileage for their age, and have spent most of their lives just sitting, which is'nt really good for the seals, bearings, etc.
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    i believe you need a CDL to drive a 5 ton, in ohio at least
    the CDL limit is 26001 lbs
    2.5 ton weighs around 13,000-13,500 lbs
    plus the 10,000 lbs max on-road load

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