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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trophytkr, Mar 23, 2005.

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    I never bid a government contract before need help. I'll give you some info on the property and what they want. Property is just under 3 acres of turf flat as a table top. It has 1634 feet of chain link fence. Round up can not be used for any purpose on this instilation. Everything has to be trimmed with a weed eater. Even The gravel parking areas need to be weed eated if weeds grow thru the gravel. I base my mowing programs on 28 mowings a year. They want spring and fall clean up and I have to file a report on solid waste disposal for what I haul out of there. They want an aeration. 4 fertilizer treatments and a weed control treatment. All bushes and trees under 20 feet high need to be trimmed and prunned be May 15th. All bare ground needs to be turned over to a depth of 6 inches. Need to have 1 million dollar policy of business which I have but they also want 1 million on vehicles which is more than I have but they said to add the cost to the bid. They don't want anything itemized as what different services cost all they want is the monthly charge over a six month period. Also want copies of pesticide license names and phone numbers of insurance agents. Quarterly reports of chemicals used. Of coarse the mowing and trimming has to be meticulous. Any input would be great> Oh and they contacted me yesterday and want a bid tomarrow.

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    This seems like a "only you can answer this" question as a lot has to do with reporting and keeping tract of everything. Are you set up for this.
    One question I have is how they want a 6 month price but a whole years of stuff done (spring and fall clean up). Are you set for 20' trees??

    If so, go for it but sell it right.
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    They want you to figure how much each service would cost and add it together and devide it over 6 equal payments. I would have to rent a lift to do the 20 foot cedar trees.
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    Seems pretty simple if your a LCO basically all the insurance is cut and dry,carry a million dollars across the board and have all licenses updated if need be.I do goverment properties and have never had any problems with them.they want paper work to prove your really a Lawn Care operater and not some guy off the street...give us update on how it goes...
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    $1285 monthly over your 6 month payment schedule for Mowing, weedeating and the like, Fert and weed control, and excessive paperwork adjustment.

    I would charge $80 per man hour for aeration.
    Clean up/hedge trimming at $60-75 per man hour
    Trimming of things needing a ladder/lift at $100 per man hour
    Turning of soil at $100 pr man hour
    Insurance at cost
    Solid waste disposal at cost. For me the labor would already be priced in with my hourly rates.

    If you wanted to come in lower, then figure your man hours at these prices and $15 lower per man hour for any helpers.

    Hope that helps

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