Army Worms in western PA.


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At the end of last week I noticed some browning in the new turf around my building and saw army worms on my sidewalk. To be honest, I've never seen them before. From what I understand is that they are usually a southern problem. I have since seen them on the last 3 lawns that I have done service calls for brown areas. I treated with bifenthrin at 1oz per 1000 and it seemed to do the trick but, the devastation that is done in 24hrs is insane! What is everyone's protocol on these? I have 1600 accounts and I'm wondering how the hell to deal with them? Is it too late once I see the damage?


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Treat as they show up, usually i get some lingering control from the bifen app.

But if its a bad year and this one sure is, you just have to go out again in about a month with the Bifen. They operate on a monthly cycle.

Might get some control with something else like Imidacloprid.


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Akron area is getting hit. Mostly on invasive creeping bent but may have to spray a new KBG yard that looks to be getting hit.


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I do believe merit controls them , but for the most part they dont kill the grass it will come back

I have a product for the orchard, Wrangler that is Imidacloprid that is a fantastic for use in the orchard. Treats an acre of trees in the orchard for about $3/acre but it is not labeled for turf. I have to think it would work very well for grubs and army worms but sadly the label is the law.


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Spent the majority of the day fielding calls, diagnosing then treating with bifenthrin @1oz/1000. Hoping the lawns bounce back. I would say half look like they will and half look toast


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How long did it take to go brown like that???

I just mowed a property today and it had multiple, large, browned out areas that were green last week.
Initially I blamed it on the fert guys because there were some "spinouts" in the grass (last week) - I assume someone new who didn't know how to operate the stand on spreader. I figured he may have burned the grass with too much fert.

Then I saw a bunch of "holes" in the grass - I'll assume it was skunks digging for bugs. "Grubs" may be the culprit, but I'm not sure how long it takes for grub damage to appear - or if it's similar to army worms - don't know anything about those at all.


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More likely it is bird-peck holes. Commonly seen when flocks of starlings or similar birds start feeding on gurbs. I mean grubs.
Do you have pictures?
Can anyone shows us a picture of bird-peck holes?
I have pictures somewhere. Probably posted in one of my old threads.

Dig up a couple sqft of the affected turf. Search for white grubs. Five or more per square foot are considered a problem. This needing treatment.
Frequently, you will also see digging in spots caused by skunks feeding on the grubs. And sometimes armadillos. I am sure there are pictures on Lawnsite.


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