Army Worms in western PA.


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it will grow back for the most part they only eat the leaf blade add some fert to help it grow
I hope and pray they recover. The extent of damage up here in NE Ohio has probably 10% of the lawns and probably 50-75% damaged. Had a new lawn installed at beginning of August was up well and had one mowing done and now toast after about two days! I’m afraid being a new lawn that the root system may not have established well enough to make a recovery. Lawn was a blue/Rye mix so fertilized it and hope it will recover in about a month.


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I sprayed a newly installed lawn in Uniontown that I took on a month ago that was blue/rye. Most of the damage I am treating is invasive bentgrass mix. That seems to be the most susceptible initially.


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In most cases, the long-term health of grass is usually not affected and the grass will recover with proper care. However, in the case of a severe case of armyworms that were not detected and treated early enough, overseeding and/or re-sodding may be needed in order to repair the damage.

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