Art Deco Inspired Multifamily Lighting

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by kellanv, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Hi folks.

    While I'm usually in the irrigation section, I thought I would share one of my favorite lighting projects that we did last year. We had the unique opportunity to "go wild" a bit with the landscape design and lighting throughout a previously dilapidated apartment complex.

    We came up with an art deco theme and created sculptures, signage, aggregates and plantings to create a clean yet playful design. Of course we also had to create meeting spaces and a very large pergola to hold dinner clubs.

    The lighting itself is a mix of FX low voltage and line voltage fixtures. I would love to do something like it again!

    The "arches" we had fabricated. 6" Corten steel. Intentionally decided to alternately light them down the path to give a bit more movement.

    The arches and our "supper club" pergola area. We used the heavy duty string lights to provide the ambient lighting.

    Bocce ball court and washer pit area. More string lights - all line voltage.

    FX low voltages in concrete urns to create uplights for the bamboo.

    This was a trick in about a million ways. We had never designed a sign like this to both function in the day and the night with equal interest. We used plasma cut corten steel with tinted plexi behind it and line lights. The sculptures were all fabricated and powdercoated and I used 5000k CFL bulbs to keep everything the right color.

    Gives you an idea for the daytime look.

    I hope you enjoy!
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    Cool job. I love the string lights over the bocci court.. and the grasses/plants uplighting. Tip:... if you do those 'croquet ring' style structures again, integrate some downlighting from the center to area light the pathway directly. Then use in ground mini'well lights for the vertical parts of the structure...

    very neat... love jobs like this... opportunities to be creative.

    Thanks for sharing


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