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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by kenp, Sep 1, 2002.

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    I would like to ask why some of the excellent ZTR's, including Exmark, do not have articulating front axles? I have been told by those familiar with both types that those with the articulating front axles offer a much better ride and even a better cut on bumpier terrain. Is this true? Is there a downside to this axle? I know that the Lesco Z-Two ZTR has an articulating front axle, however you don't, Deere doesn't, I don't think Hustler does, Toro doesn't - - so it must not be a necessity...but is it a drawback at all? Is it a plus?

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    Good questions. We don't care for the concept but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have some validity. We just prefer the way we do it because we feel it leaves a better cut, is better for the machine and we also feel it makes for a better ride.

    With the rigid frame the front cast tires will glide over holes in the lawn. With a pivoting axle the wheel is allowed to drop in the hole. Not only does the operator now feel the top, bottom and top again of the hole but the deck is allowed to drop as well. This makes for an uneven cut that most of our customer's dislike.

    The pivoting axles like some suspension designs also should be kept away from curbs when trimming. With a rigid frame you can hang one front wheel off of a curb with out much if any trouble. This allows you to trim much closer to the edge. If you try this with a pivoting axle chances are the deck will drop and you blades, spindles and deck may make contact with the concrete curb.

    In short. We don't use a pivoting axle because we feel the rigid frame gives a better cut, better ride and trims better as well.


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    Thanks very much for the reply, it makes sense.
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    I Just whent Over a hole Today at My Mother's House ( That i Put there ) And Said to My self If this was A Articulated Front It would Of Gone in. It would of scalped And I might have To pull The mower Out Of it.

    I Think The Only way it would ride better. Is If You were going fast.
    Stay with exmark if It's better they will have It.
    Johnny G. Lawnone ct.

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