Articulating Hedge Trimmer ?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by zooba72, May 17, 2013.

  1. exmarkking

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    I don't plan on swapping gearboxes...ever. But that's good to know. Prob has something to due with weight
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  2. GrassGuerilla

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    I'm sure it is directly related to weight savings. And it's no knock on Redmax. Just a caution to treat it very carefully. As designed its a very rugged unit. I will say this though, the comparable Shindaiwa, Stihl and Echo all have much thicker castings then the Bcz2401 head that broke.
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  3. caseysmowing

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    I just bought the Stihl 135 hedge trimmers. I've got to use them once on a big hedge job (9 feet tall 8 feet wide by 100 or so). I also had the carbon fiber extension on it for some of it. It preformed very well with out problems. Yes they are a little heavy but I'm 150lbs and can handle it with the extension. Kombi system is the way to go if you have uses for the other tools they make. I have the pole saw, trimmer, brush cutter, tiller, blower, 135 hedge trimmer, carbon fiber extension, bed redefiner. Straight edger,and the 90 and 130 power heads.
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  4. MSeals

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    Knock on wood, I've never had any issues with my Kawasaki articulating trimmer. Never owned a 2 cycle Kawasaki until this but I must say I'm impressed. Anything redmax is top notch as well
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