Articulating wing deck mowers are more productive

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LASTEC, Feb 29, 2004.


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    Has anyone had a chance to cut with a articulating wing deck mower? I have been cutting grass for the last 15yrs with all types of ztr mowers and they a fast, but with this wing deck mower I'm running now it blows me away how much line trimming it saves. Check out this link. i hope this link works

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  3. Fareway Lawncare

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    Any plans for a Walk in the near future? The articulating deck looks like a winner.
  4. amw

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    it looks like it would be great...
    and i looked for a dealer near me and the same one i already go to has them, or so it says.. i have not ever saw them in their.. but its a big place, or maybe their just starting to carry them

    i am going to go up their tomarrow and see if they have them and check them out

    what do they run? ($)
    what about warrenty?
    will my dealer have a "spec sheet"?

    and can the "17 inch portion" be left at a 90 deg. angle for loading and transporting? (and what size gate will it fit in)

    thanks for any info

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    Not that i know of at this time. Do you think a walkbehinde artiulator would be needed?
  6. Flex-Deck

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    LASTEC - I have been saying the same thing for four years on this site and was only met with sceptacism. I certainly hope they believe you more than they did me. It may now OK because you are a well known and reputable company. Good luck. You are right, the offset flexible wing saves tons of mowing and trimming time. You have a great product, and keep it going. Thanks, brad

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    Good chance you will not see them in the dealer yet, but you will very soon hopefully in about 30 days.

    on a 2869 the list is around 11,200.
    2 years parts 1 year labor
    Your dealer will not have the specs yet sorry.
    I don't think the 69" deck will be a issue for trailering, the 86" deck will lift over the rail of a trailer and then some. I'll try to post a pic of it tomorrow.

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    Thanks Brad,
    Every time i run some test time on a wing deck mower it blows me away with how much trim time you can save... and time is money.
  9. Flex-Deck

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    Lastec - I have people that had 54" decks, then put on another 18" side wing, and almost cut mowing and trimming in half. 5 Hrs down to 2 hrs and 40 min. Under trees is great, + way more.
  10. brucec32

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    As for the Lastec designs, I'm sure they have their place for those mowing HUGE areas of grass. The design looks promising, and is overdue, but I would argue that an equally pressing need is for SMALLER swath mowers that articulate, not just the 89" behemoth's that you could never put on many residential lawns or apartments with broken up patches of grass. A 36" mower with a 18" wing or 18"/36"/18" whatever....those size mowers are what is used on high quality lawns where cut really matters. Someone mowing with 69 or 89 inches is usually mowing fields or commercial acreage I would think. The 52/17 model is in the ballpark, but a size smaller would be nice too. We're not all mowing golf courses, and I would assume that the market for smaller mowers is much higher volume anyway. But if I show up to many properties, even larger ones, with 69" of deck, I might lose all the productivity gains from it if I have to park it and pull out a 36" to handle the areas it won't fit in.

    Also, what about the turf tearing problems caused by trying to zero turn all that weight and the momentum you have to overcome to do that? I assume they're heavier.

    This mower type is, btw, what Flex deck could have been . Designed into the product from the factory, not an add-on. No deck cutting, no tedious measurements and clearances to worry about, no installation fees, and no worries that it actually will be installed right.

    I also notice all the mowers are just computer graphics. Does one even exist? If so, why isn't it on the webpage? Or did I miss it?

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