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Artificial Turf


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Fresno, Ca
What are your guys thoughts on artificial turf? Today my guys and I went to a seminar at John Deere Landscapes in our area to see how it is installed and the different types of products there are. This fake grass which they call it is becoming very popular in california, especially in south california. We have not decided if we want to add it as part of our services. Just wondering if any of you guys out there already doing this or thinking about it. oh, I will post some pics of todays seminar on our pics and threads.


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Northern KY
This topic has been discussed on her before, and there was a guy on her bragging about the job he did at a restuarant chain, it looks good, but it will not catch on everywhere, and definitely not residientials, but some commercials may opt for it, but that just means some LCO will loose a mowing account for good.


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Just let me drop a little of this here artificial gasoline in one of
your vehicles and you can give me your feedback about it later, 'k?

Another way to look at it, how many yards around where you live sport this stuff?
Betcha $100 it ain't many, and double or nothing says I ain't going to no seminar lol.
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I lived in South Florida for a few years. There was a home owner there that was trying to put this down in his yard but the city would not let them. I think most place will not let home owners use it.