As an owner, when does your day begin & end?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JContracting, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Im in on the "BEER" part.
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    on busy days from april to end of june i might be up at 6:30 and at the job ready to work by 8 and then home from unloading the equipment then dumping the trucks or unloading the logs by hand alone around 9:30-10 at night then i grab some dinner and clean up and get to bed by 11:30 or so and sometimes this will repeat for a month, but they are 3 days of this and a day of mowing or 4 days of that and a day of mowing, and for the mowing i get up around 7:30-7:45 and head to my shop for 8-8:30 then mow until either 5 or its gets dark. its not bad, this week i didn't do anything, just hung out all day, got my hair cut, got lunch, did a few estimates, ordered a bagger system for my mower, and a leaf plow and did all my lawns today, so tomorrow is kinda of a day off, i have a small job i could do if i want, its mine and its not going anywhere.
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    Well "J" I dont know about the ages of the rest of the guys posting but I am just a tad bit older at 22 and am going through the same thing as you. Usually up around 630. We start our commercial properties at 7am and will continue till about 5 or so. Drop the guys off at their cars and head over to meet my father who handles all the hardscape projects we get. Usually get home around 8ish and take a shower and do all my paperwork for the day while eating dinner. Then repeat the cycle. It is very gruling at times and stressful. Trying to figure out if you are doing things correctly, efficiently, keeping productivity up, remembering each and every mental note you kept for that day. I keep telling myself, bust your ass now while you're young and you wont have to bust your ass as bad when you're older. Meaning this is the time to build your company from the gound up while you're young. As you get older and become a bigger company with more employee's, you will be more involved in the day to day operations of the business side of things.

    Hopefully that makes sense. Im having one of those nights lol.
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    My name is Matt and the letter J is only a portion of my company's name, I just don't want someone searching my company name and then a bunch of lawnsite stuff comes up ha.

    But I agree with that, make the sacrifices & bust a$s now and be on easy street 15-20 yrs from now when my employees handle everything & I can draw a 7 figure or high 6 figure salary while not doing much or at a minimum, being a CEO.

    Do you go to school at all?

    Heres a couple more questions. How many of you guys that never stop thinking business have a gf or a wife? How many of the young guys have gfs? Or are there any like me that don't have the patience for girls my age? :laughs:

    Would you look at that, 12:30am and I was exhausted earlier, wide awake now but Ive gotta be up at 6, I have 12 properties to Aerate, 2 are to be dethatched prior & overseeded after. 1 more is to be Aerated then overseeded. Busy day but great money.

    What are some stress relievers yall use or what do you do to take your mind off business temporarily?
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    My apologies Matt. I did go to school and stopped because of financial/business reasons but do plan on continuing with my education next year and finishing up getting my architectural degree. As far as the gf/wife question, my gf is currently lying on the couch with me right now half asleep while I am typing this eating some food and doing a little bit of scheduling. As far as stress relievers I typically use gun powder. Lots and lots of gun powder. Or golfing, or fishing. But mostly spending time with family, friends, girlfriend, and what not. But to me my family and friends come first. No matter what happens to my business, my family and friends will always be there. So keep that in mind. Take 5 mins out of your day to call a friend to see what is up. Trust me it will really ease the mind during a stressful day.
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    I surrender.......*trucewhiteflag*
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    No worries. And thats pretty cool, what type of architecture? .Currently I'm in my final semester of an Associate's in Hort Degree. Im going for a Bachelor's in Accounting next.

    As I mentioned in my first post, racing motocross was my escape, problem with that is it costs a small fortune to go racing every wknd so that's why I only go 1-3 times per month unless there are small county fair races during the week, I make an effort to get to those.

    I agree with the family portion of it, I still live with my parents so I see them every day, as well as my 2 younger bros.however with my friends, I had started a landscape business with one of my closest friends earlier this spring. It was a completely different entity thankfully. But arguments soon happened and it ended our friendship until mid July & he basically turned our entire group against me. I apologized even though what had happened wasn't my fault but I figured life would be easier as friends. However, now everyone I know from that group is a half assed friend if that kinda makes sense. I have made different ones since and still hang out with the previous group here & there but only talk to them on wknds. The main reason is 3 of them live together (with the one that I had the biz with) and I don't like discussing anything business related because I know he would find out about how much better my company is doing and it was his dream to do after high school and didnt advertise and it flopped, thus leading to a notion that "there's no money in lawn care". Lawn care in my eyes is more so toward fertilizing/weed control (which there is great money to be made) rather than mowing which is classified as maintenance IMO.

    I need to stop rambling on, idk how I can even type this much on my phone!
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    I mowed from jr. high on.... went to college got a "real" job for a few years was mowing part time the entire time, saved up as much capital as I could then jumped head first into full time when I was 23. Married at 22, 1st child at 24, second at 28. 31 soon to be 32 in a week and a half. I've grown from just me to having 2 full time guys and between 2, 3 part time guys from April till November.

    If you can find a "good" girl it's worth it. My wife has always been my support even when I bailed out of a great job and was listening to people tell me that I was crazy and could never do it full time.

    Do I make what I want? Pretty much, but I do have to take into consideration that I've got the full time and part time guys to take into account, so I could be making more.... or.... I could be making a lot less due to not having the man power to take on what we do.
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    Just basic AutoCad stuff. Like desinging homes and buildings and what not. Loved every minute of it actually but classes were in the winter time and the snow was really falling that year. Well my job took over and told my prof and he didnt really agree with my decision but ultimatly it was up to me.

    A few of my buddies use to do motocross racing and all said it was pretty fun till I showed them how much more fun hunting and shooting clay pigeons was. Plus I also like to go out and play golf from time to time. Grab some beers and play with some close friends. Have small little wagers and what not to keep it interesting.

    As far as the friends thing goes, I learned a long time ago to not hire friends or have a businesses with them. Now having said that, every now and then I will have them help out if they need some extra money but lets just say I will only have my trusted friends help every now and then. I try to keep my professional life out of my personal life. Try not to discuss the business with friends. Mainly because ya never know who they know through other people. Just my personal take on it. Then you have the friends that think they know everything and try to persuade you in different directions on business decisions you need to make that only you can answer. Its a vicious cycle how it works bud.
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    I like your style,,,,bet you 1500$ I can beat your in a round of golf. I cant catch a fish but I do enjoy fishing.

    Friends come and go and a few "very few " cand be trusted and last a lifetime.

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