Ash Borer treatments

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    We are unfortunately getting into the EAB treatment business here in northern Wisconsin and I have a few questions. I am well versed in how the bug works, treatment types and the like but I am having trouble pulling the trigger because I'm not sure what would be the best method. I have ruled out root drenches or root injections and I have narrowed it down to Arborjet or using a product called Pentra Bark and the same ai fungicide Arborjet uses called Zylam. The bark application would rely on the surfancant to get the product into the tree to the same depth as the ArborJet but I would have to spend $2000 on the injection system.

    Mostly looking people who have done either of these treatments and their experiences. Thanks for your time.
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    We have good success with maujet injections I’m up in the air with arbor jet the ports I’ve seen on some trees tend to not heal correctly
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    Buy an Arbor Jet. You’ll pay for it in one day. It’s a blessing.
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