Ash Borer!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Sep 9, 2007.

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    "Most of what I have used it on it seemed to work OK, but I'd hate to risk someone's prized Ash in thier ft. yard if it is at all "iffy"! "

    That's my thought too. If you have the capability for soil injection why not stick with something that's extremely well proven? I hate drilling up trees for the rare occasions where micro-injections are necessary, it would be great if PB could replace that crap :) .
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    Annual soil injections of Merit. Some company's will go as far as tank Mixing Merit in with their fert. And then send that truck to their designated "Ash" customers.

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    In Maryland any Ash tree found to have Emerald Ash Borer MUST be destroyed as well as any other ash trees in a designated area circling the tree (miles). Can't even use them for fire wood. State removes and chips the trees. Once in the area they will destroy all the ash trees in the area. In Maryland we are not even allowed to transport fire wood in or out of affected area. Call the state !!!
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    Tree-age!! Made by Arbor Jet. This product has been university tested, and has the highest cure-all rate of any product labeled to treat EAB. We have been using it for several years now, and have had amazing results. You can do two different types of applications with it, protectant or currative. Only difference between the two is the application rate. This is the only product we use to treat for EAB. I wouldn't consider anything else. Go to Arbor Jets website, tons of info. Hope this helps.
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    Ancient thread, but this is new to me.
    What the heck is in a chemical like that? DMSO?
    I don't want to think about the nastiness that can do if you get it on your skin.
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    I didn't realize how old this thread was. I'm sure everyone knows all about what I mentioned previously. My bad! :dizzy:
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    It is standard procedure for all State DOA & DNR Bureaus to issue "No Transport" decrees. Its all part of the Emerald Ash Borer quarantine. People think that they're just innocently taking firewood from a dead tree to their cabin. When in reality they're actually widening the Ash Borers range, as the larvae is still in the wood. All ash logs MUST be chipped!!
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    Ive used or seen used all of the above mentioned products for Ash borer. I have an Ash in my yard that Ive treated with both Imidacloprid and Safari with Pentrabark and for the last five yrs have stuck with the latter combo. I think its the only Ash tree alive in my county! A buddy at a golf course where I was Superintendent for years before the borer hit has used the treeage on the Ash and they are damaged but hanging in there with watersprout growth refilling the voids. He has discontinued the treatments as of last season though.

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