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asian jasmine trimming


LawnSite Member
Newport News, VA
i have a client that wants his asian jasmine (groundcover) taken backand trimmed down a bit...he said he has seen it done with a trimmer....i told him i would ask the wonderful people at lawnsite and they would definatly come up with an answer....

so...trimmer or what?


thanks for the feedback


LawnSite Senior Member
Yes - either use a string trimmer or gas hedge clippers. String trimmer is much faster, hedge clippers cleaner cut. Majority of people don't want to pay the big bigger bucks it would take to use hedge trimmers.

Techniques - turn string trimmer on its edge and go around the prerimeter. Then turn it over and level out the top of the jasmine. You can also bevel or taper the edges so it has a nice roll to it as opposed to a square edge.

Sometimes, by the time you are asked to address the jasmine, it is way overgrown (too thick/tall). You can actually take all the way down and just leave little 1" tall nubs sticking up. It will flush back out and then you keep it lower, propsectively.

Jay Ray

LawnSite Fanatic
d"Iberville MS
I been thinking of getting a walk behind trimmer, like the Swisher that you can rotate the cutting head 90 degrees so as to do the borders of jasmine ground cover faster. I don't know if it will actually work.

Anybody tried it?