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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by kentross09, Feb 12, 2012.

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    I was curious, so I googled "Akron Lawn Care", and from my area (results can change based on your location), the lawn care site done by the company I used to work for came up first under the Map Links. They are pricey as all get out, but they do have people that eat/sleep/live SEO and I learned a lot in the years I worked there from their top SEO guy. I was only doing backend development and help with server management while there before moving to Columbus. (I did the backend programming of the Marketplace in your town, and three of their other company sites)

    One thing they pushed big time (and we constantly saw it in results), the companies that were active in their SEO (content updates, blogs, social media) ranked great. Keep at it, it can be rough at first, but results for good working of the site will pay off!

  2. kentross09

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    Would you like to tell us which website was it that came up?
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    If you have Firefox as your browser, you download "add ons" that can help you figure out your rankings or other website rankings. The add-on I use is "SEO QUAKE" simply web search it.
    It also provides keywords of other sites and will provide stats of internal links, external links and back-links, darn near every stat you need for SEO.
    It is highly addictive, if you love stats and numbers.
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    Well you tell me the first one that came up under the three sites for the map, and I'll let you know if I got the same one. ;)

    I run the same one, and true it gives tons of info! One suggestion though is to disable it (click on the main icon for it) when not actively using it. It grabs so much info can sometimes slow down regular browsing.
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    So this is the boxes that are at the bottom of my pages, on each one. How should I fill them out to maximize their use? Or maybe explain what each one means and how it affects the search engines.

    All in One SEO Pack
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    (characters. Most search engines use a maximum of 160 chars for the description.)

    Keywords (comma separated):

    Title Attribute:

    Menu Label:

    Disable on this page/post:
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    This is the funny thing about's constantly changing. To do the above will just be spinning your wheels, although refining your writing skills is one positive outcome. If you want to write something, submit it to legitimate sites, or use the content to round out your own site or related blog. The sites referenced above are what are known as "Content Farms" and were crushed by Google's algorithm changes a year or so ago. Just search Google Rank Content Farms and you'll get a brush up, as well as learn who you probably don't want to submit your work to.
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    unless your scamming, the basics are still the same since 2004
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    The basics are the same, but if you are going to submit articles it should be original content.
    This is for those who did not understand that last sentence, hey the first time I heard this, I did not know.

    OC(Original Content)

    OC is only from ONE - 1 Article submission. If you post an article on your website or blog, you better not duplicate that article and attempt to submit it to an directory. Google will slap YOU!

    Article Directory

    Ezine is great for TRAFFIC to your site and will give you an opportunity for a back link to your website or blog. They will also allow you to submit duplicate articles. If you read that last paragraph, then you know you better not do this!

    The internet is changing hourly, keep that in mind and most likely someone has written an article on the same topic you want to or have.

    So be creative--Google Loves that! Google also loves for you to connect with the customers that are searching for your services or products. This is why keyword research is so very very important.
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    look at this video Search youtube and you'll find some good info.
  10. Lefet

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    Thank you Puddle, that is very informative, it gives me a place to start.

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