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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jerryrwm, Sep 12, 2005.

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    We were contacted by a Gen. Contractor to provide a bid on an upcoming city housing project. Actually I think they are just going down the list of local irrigation contractors and looking for the cheapest install.

    Here are the preliminary particulars that I have come up with so far:

    4 - 2" PVBs
    5000' - 21/2" looped Mainline (with two subloops with block valves)
    120 - 2" electric valves
    10 - 21/2" Ball valves
    135 - 10" valve boxes
    2570 - 4" spray heads w/nozzles
    800 - PGP rotor heads
    3370 - Swing joints 1/2"x6' or 1/2"x12"
    1000' - 4" PVC sleeves
    20000' - 1/2" SDR-13.5
    18000' - 1" SDR-21
    10000' - 11/2" SDR-21
    5000' - 2" SDR-21
    60000' - 14ga UF wire
    5 - 24 Station controllers

    Fittings allowance - $7000.00

    There are no long bores, but many sidewalks. Project is new construction. We will follow other trades as they start at front and move towards the back.
    There are 44 units - 4 plexes.
    Landscaping is at a minimum. A tree for each apartment so a total of about 175 trees. And two or three boxwoods by each front door. Cities tend to go cheap on landscaping.

    With two trenchers, a cover-up machine and one 6 man crew I figure it will take about 65 working days, somewhere around 3200 manhours.

    Would you do it for around $200000.00? That's around $1650.00/zone for you per zone bidders, and around $45.00/spray hd and $100.00/rotor hd for you per head bidders.

  2. Broker

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    Let me know if you want help if it is installed during the winter. Pricing out per head plus main and etc, etc....
  3. Dirty Water

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    Is this just for the median strips, or are you doing all the properties as well?

    Looks like a great oppertunity to make a lot of money. If you can get in before the concrete crews do you'll save your save hours of headache.
  4. jerryrwm

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    RI - appreciate the offer. They haven't broken ground yet, so I don't look for this project to start for another 4-6 months at least. And judging by the speed at which some of these projects get done down here in the 'Land of Manana' it may be longer. I am doing a joint venture bid on the project with another contractor close by. He has the equipment and the manpower. Works out well. We split the balance and I give him a 1099 at the end of the year.

    Jon, We are doing the entire property. Fence to fence and drive to drive.
    We hope to get in before the sidewalk crew, but the way they work, if you aren't standing right there when they get ready to pour, there ain't no sleeve going in there. And it doesn't work to pay them to put sleeves in either. Half the time they forget to do it, or don't do it right. I will be there to install across the roads for the Mainline crosses, and the rest we will fire up the boring machine, or jet under depending on the size of the piping.

    I crunched a few more numbers on my spreadsheet and it looks as though I'll have somewhere around $66000.00 in materials, and the labor/supervision will run around $63000.00, and equipment, general conditions, overhead running about $18000.00. Thing go right I could put a nice chunk of change in my account.

    I'm bidding around $198500.00 but I'll bet you some chucklehead will be in there around $145000.00. And I'm not going in for any less than I stated. This is one of those that someone else can have my 'market share' and I'll sit on the porch and whittle before I drop the price. The problem is there is no irrigation design, so there are no apples to apples bids. It's every man for himself as to the design. They will be throwing water across sidewalks and towards the structures. If that's what the GC wants, then I ain't the man. So we'll see.

    Could be a nice job tho'. Running the zones somewhere around 60-70 GPM and will be able to run all five controllers at the same time. The back fence line has 66 PGP's spaced along it. Could split that into three zones and run them on different controllers and it would look pretty damn good.

    Will keep you posted.

  5. Dirty Water

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    My experience with this is to get a good line of communication going with the concrete foreman, and you usually don't have much issues. Also, we laid about 3000' of 3" mainline around a new development last year and we came in right after the roadcrew finished the curbs, and before anyone else came in. Doing this let us get sleeves in where all the roadways/sidewalks were going to be, and we didn't even have to do any backfilling aside from a 12" sand bed.

    I crunched a few more numbers on my spreadsheet and it looks as though I'll have somewhere around $66000.00 in materials, and the labor/supervision will run around $63000.00, and equipment, general conditions, overhead running about $18000.00. Thing go right I could put a nice chunk of change in my account.

    Reminds me of the Walmart that just went in here, we would have been around $100k or so to do it, some fly by night did it for $30k. And as you sucks.

    I installed a assisted living facility with a 3" looped main, 100 GPM at 100 PSI. Average zone is around 60 PGP's...its great to look at in action.
  6. DGI

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    Yeah, if that was in Michigan where I could get my plows out there, and use saddles/crimp clamps/swing pipe, I'd definitely do it for 200k! I'd probably do it for 20 less sight unseen if your 66k in material is correct. I did a commercial job that ended up being 52k in materials for 134 and made out well. We got lucky there. We bid that one in November anticipating this year to be slower, and given the environmental variables(trades, deadlines, marginally cooperative landscaper etc.), came up with a number that seemed pretty 'aggressive'. But everything came in ahead of schedule.

    I also did an assisted living complex, but it's nothing to brag about. The GC didn't want anything but fulls except where absolutely necessary. The money was right, even though I vastly misjudged the soil composition. Even though I like to get contracts to do work that I'll be proud of, I've come to the conclusion that not everything calls for designs of the highest quality. There's money to be made in just "gettin'r'wet", especially when dealing with GCs.

    This is where being able to talk to a homeowner is nice. I get the feeling that someone looking to do an install where they'd have no problems standing there with the residents or whomever a year later while it ran isn't going to get this job. It'll go to the lowest bidder with any degree of credibility.
  7. Fatheroftwo

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    :blob3: I put in some numbers and came up close to the same cost on material as above (with in $826). I came in around 210-215000 range because of not knowing the length of some of the bores and power supplies or water pressure, etc. You need to figure in some mistakes and down time and head aches from the gc and come up with a better number that you can live with and make a little money.

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