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    I was asked to be the General Contractor for a large job. A major addition (the pool) will be part of the bid. Ive gotten all my other subs prices and submitted them. I have the pool bid but the client wants a price breakdown. Hes done his homework and he knows what these components cost. Im adding my percentage to this bid but I do not want to spec out every price so that he can knit pick the estimate. Do you design build guys submit everything with out a price breakdown? I will list the components for him but I dont feel hes entitled to know what Im getting them for. Any advice?
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    We will usually break things down to a point, by this I mean looking at a list of 50 items and seeing 100k at the bottom can be overwhelming.

    Usually just a simple breakdown into things that either could be phased or easily removed. For example I won't list everything that goes into the construction of the pergola but I will separate something like that so they can decide if its worth it.

    And we explain to people that the are more then welcome to be their own Gc and we will simply build our share... but once again its not that simple. You need to explain the scheduling, organization, making sure subs are doing things to spec, its alot more then just adding xx% to the bottom line and if you explain it to them well enough they won't have an issue.

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