Asking all small operations..


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Do any of you other guys feel the frusterations associated with trying to get a few decent commercial accounts? I spent several hours today submitting proposals and following up on others. Sometimes it looks dismal ....but I am going to stick with until March. What do you guys have to say?


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Commercial accounts are always hard to get in the beginning but once you have done a few for some time they will be easier to get. You will be better at bidding for them and you will also start receiving things in the mail about bidding on others. Make sure you have a lot of residential yards to support you.
I tried all the time my first year in business to get commercial accounts. But year after year after i do more work for residential clients, the owners of the commercial properties see the work, either by driving by and see my sign in the yard, or are firends with the people i work for, and they call me now. Just give it time, do good work, and they will call you asking to place bids.
It also doesnt hurt to have so inside connections with some people who work for the businesses. They can get you the info when the bids are coming up again. Ive found alot of times no one wants to tell you much of anything.

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I'll have too admit .... I have always been attracted to “Commercial’ accounts …. N here 7 years later almost 60% of my base is “Resi’s” BUT 60% of my Gross is given to my commercial accounts

Understand thou my Resi’s are far more dedicated …. Keeping good Commercial is based ALL on GOOD Communication


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Just curious if you know off hand what your profit margin is on commercial versus residential?