Asphalt curbs / parking stops

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  1. plow kid

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    I just got back from checking all the lots that i do and found about 200 liner feet of asphalt curbing ripped up off the pavement on a lot i sent a friend to do,any idea on how much something like that costs to replace? the lot owner is pretty pissed off because the lot was only 2 months old
    , thanx
  2. Michael Fronczak

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    Call your insuance co., or better yet his, the damage was done with his truck, he is resposible. Call paving co. to get estimate, maybe he will give you the name of who installed it originally. Good luck.
  3. SlimJim Z71

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    Ouch... yeah that's gonna hurt. I would definately get on the phone with your friend. As long as he had insurance, you should be alright. If he doesn't, you may have to eat this one.

  4. plow kid

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    I talked to my buddy today and found out what he had to say and he said that the curbing was lifted off the ground by freezing/thawing and the plow just pushed it aside and of course he didnt get plowing insurance this year because he gave me almost all of his commercial contracts so i would have something to do, and i didnt get any insurance because i was under the impression that i was working for him and "everything was taken care of", so i guess that i am gonna have to buy my half of $4000.00 in asphalt curbing and about 50 parking stops , god this winter sucks, well i guess i am not getting that new grasshopper i wanted

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  5. Guido

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    It was an expensive one, but this should be a lesson learned for you, your friend, and a lot of the guys out there plowing with no insurance!! Simple as day to whack you in the face with one wrong move!!

    Get Smart - Get Insurance - It Pays! ;)
  6. thelawnguy

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    So, what did you spend the 300 dollars you saved by not buying insurance on? ....
  7. wch&g

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    $4000 sounds like alot I would check with some other pavers tell them your story maybe they will be willing to help out. If you have a dump truck maybe you can rent or barrow the curbing machine and do it yuorself. As for the parking blocks they should be fine you just have to put them back in place.

    Hope it works out
  8. John Allin

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    Oh man... Bill.....

    You're brutal....

    But....... it does make one think, doesn't it ???
  9. thelawnguy

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    Sometimes, a question will enlighten the masses much more than an answer.

    Others should ask themselves the same question before they decide to forgo "necessities" such as safety equipment, insurance, decent tires, licenses and permits, etc.
  10. plow kid

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    Actualy i used the money on 2 trac-loc lockers for my dakota
    front and rear(always wanted them)

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