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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by mnsnow, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. mnsnow

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    I have been doing landscaping work and have a customer who asked me to "tear out his asphalt driveway". He will have a dumpster delivered and the driveway is 12' X 40'. I have not taken out an asphalt driveway and any suggestions on bidding this job or how to do it would be greatly appreciated. My concern is if I can do it with a bucket or if I should get a breaker attachment. Thanks.
  2. minimax

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    Are you using a skid or mini?If you are taking it up end to end is petty easy,but cut a clean line through it is really hard and how thick is it.I took out 10'x15'x2-3" and loaded in a dump trailer in about 20 min. with a 35 sized mini.

  3. Choctaw Scalper

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    I watched a neighbor get his torn out with a bobcat. Guy just dug the teeth on and tore it right out. Took him all morning. He had a few trucks he was filling as he went. I would guess it was 20 to 30 yards of asphalt in a 18' x 80' driveway
  4. mnsnow

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    Thanks for your post. I plan on using a Mustang 345 or JD 240 skid loader to take it up. It is a complete removal end to end. I am not sure how thick the driveway is.
  5. minimax

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    Rent a 4 in 1 or grapple bucket,get under and curl,clamp,and dump in the dumpster.
  6. jt5019

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    I see paving companies all the time using just a skid steer and normal bucket(or the buckets with teeth) to rip it up.They usually have a laborer or two with sledge hammers breaking up the large chunks. It looks like it comes up pretty easy but i never tried it.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    Once you get a edge started it should bust up easy and do the job when the asphalt is cold if its warm or hot it will stick together. A excavator with a thumb is easier to pick up the chunks its less handwork. A skid steer will do the job but you will have to hand load the bucket at times.
  8. mnsnow

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    Thanks for the great advice. I am plan on giving it a try with the bucket and a couple of helpers when the asphalt is cool. If that does not work I will rent a grapple bucket. Thanks everyone I really appreciated your advice.
  9. gammon landscaping

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    just a bucket is all you need and maybe 15 mins with a shovel at the very end

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