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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Flyer123, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Flyer123

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    I have been going back on the dates of the posting , just wondering why so many people are harsh on Asphalt Kingdom was thinking of doing business with them. Can some one give me the heads up -- or is this just preference.

    ********-- Does any one out there operate their AK 2400 and how does it perform. Really would like to know the answer to this.
  2. PROCUT1

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    I dont think hes a bad guy. Hes trying to make a business. The only thing is that he takes a machine that the manufacturer sells to the public for $900 and resells it for 3 times that amount. Thats his right to do so, but my advice to him was to rethink that plan because I know if I spent $3000 for something that I found out later I could have bought for $900 or made myself in an hour for $500 I know I would feel taken.

    As an experienced sealcoater, and one who has used the same "system" that he sells, I do not agree with his representations of the abilities of that "system".

    I dont like the sales pitch that the major equipment manufacturers are "ripping people off" with overpriced equipment when all you need is a trash pump and a plastic tank.

    Its no different than someone taking a Walmart $99 pushmower, reselling it for $500 and saying that Scag is ripping you off with their ZTRs, this mower is all you need to be a commercial landscaper.
  3. Flyer123

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    Thanks for the info. PC1
    Do you know who manufacturers this product Asphalt Kingdom -- gets it some where.

    I am wondering still if any one has used this Spray System AK 2400. Does it work well.
  4. PROCUT1

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    starseal of ohio...or you can buy all the parts at tractor supply for around $500 and put it together in less than an hour
  5. Flyer123

    Flyer123 LawnSite Member
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    In your message it sounds like you use or have used the AK 2400 do you still use it and does it work well where can I buy this unit or simular else where.

    Thanks for the info PC1
  6. PROCUT1

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    I had the thing he sells with the plastic tote. I use them for transfer and transport of bulk sealer. We will bring some of them along if we;re going a distance and dont have enough tank capacity. We will premix the sealer in one of our tanks and transfer it to the totes and then suck out of them to refill on the job. They are handy because we can just throw them on a landscape trailer and go.

    His "systems" will spray oil base sealer with no problem, though that product is not real sealer.

    Spraying coal tar or emulsion, they will "work" if youre not using sand and youre doing a very low volume of work.

    We used one when we first started to sealcoat and did a few driveways.
  7. pusher21

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    what system would you recommend for a someone that doesnt want to spend a million dollars but also doesnt want a POS. in your oppion what would be the best bang for the buck system out there?
  8. xdallairex

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    Yes I would also like to know the best bang for the buck system out there? Sounds like the ak 2400 is ok to start out with but out growing its abilities sounds like a given?
  9. shepoutside

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  10. nitro121

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    the PM'd me from here and They couldn't post they use/used it because everyone would bash them. But it seems if you use gilsonite they work great. People bash gilsonite, but I've called a few sealcoaters in my area, Virginia....and about 1/2 use gilsonite, the others use the other type of sealant. So I'll probably go w/ gilsonite.

    Anyway....the guy that used this system w/ sand mixed in his sealant....he replaced the 400 dollar pump every year.....but he made money and didn't mind replacing the pump every season. But that is the drawback.


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