Asphalt or Tar & Chip

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by tthomass, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. tthomass

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    My driveway is 1/4 mile long and I have these estimates, on average:

    Tar & Chip - $15,000
    Asphalt 2" - $21,000
    Asphalt 3" - $30,000

    My parents had 2" asphalt for 25yrs+ and we used to have logging trucks coming in and out of the farm for a while but mostly residential vehicle traffic and held up well. Tar and Chip is how most of the back roads were but then again, its got layer after layer and not a fair comparison.

    Me? I'll be running an International, loaded at 26k, over it about twice a week and empty at 17k the rest of the week. The rest will be cars, pickups etc and not usually more than 10k. On occasion I tow 14k behind my truck but that's just moving the Bobcat on/off the property for jobs.......not often.

    So, I'm stuck with what to do. My 21A base is solid, wet, but solid.........dang rain and snow. Once things dry up, I'm ready to go. Asphalt at 2" I didn't think was enough but it held up great for my parents and 3" is too much $. Should I be considering tar & chip?
  2. AEL

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    best guy to ask would probably be Ioilyuin.
  3. jimmyjack

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    if you say your base is solid ,then the 2" should be enough, its only gonna be as good as the base if the base if soft the mix well flex as the trucks go over and it will start coming apart sooner ........or the oil and stone is nice looking too and you can even pave over it down the road if you wanted to......either way should be fine as long as the base is the way you say it is.........
  4. ioilyouin

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    Do you have more than one O&C quote? Did the contractor spell out exactly what they were doing, materials, rates, etc.? How wide is you 1/4 mi drive? IF nothing else I can tell you what I think, but a little more info first.
  5. old oak lawn

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    I dont want to jack your tyread but what is tar & chip ? Thanks
  6. BrandonV

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    tthomas you're not going to be happy unless it's done in pavers... I'll bring a crew up when you're ready.
  7. ioilyouin

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    Liquid asphalt applied by a truck and covered with aggregate. Lots of variables though. Poor man's asphalt.

    tthomas- off the hip I could drive out there from illinois for 15K and come out on it, but give me some more info and I'll give you a better idea.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    You don't want chip seal you will never be happy with it. That stuff is only good for very light vehical traffic. The only time it is good is if your suface is very hard packed gravel. You go in with a grader give the surface a scrape then go over top with the chip seal.

    Do it right the first time then never have to worry about it again. Not sure if I would go with asphalt that is a compacted 2 inches I would go with 3 inches then you know it will last.
  9. tthomass

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    from N. VA
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    900 tons of 21A/#3's + base is solid. Its just wet from 6-7' of snow and 3+ inches of rain. Once dry, it'll be a brick.

    The paved width will be 10'.

    Ideally, I'd like to put down 3" and then 1" in 5yrs or so but the budget doesn't allow for that right now. Most everyone is saying 2" and then topcoat in 5yrs+ if necessary, fix trouble spots and you have a new driveway again. The mix is all intermediate, not course base or fine topdressing.
  10. ioilyouin

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    Now I don't know what materials are running in your area, there may be a difference in supply due to markets. However the difference in price seems to be a little absurd though.

    Using my best materials at fair application rates (not heavy), I could put you on my list and fit you in when possible for 8700 with tax. If you wanted it done immediately an extra $1500. Sounds to me like they really don't want to mess with you. For $15,000 I could probably drive out to VA and get paid hourly to drive there and back.

    Get 4" more is better!

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