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Asphalt rollers

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Has anybody ever tried using one of the smaller asphalt rollers to roll a lawn. Something like a 1 ton ride on roller. Seems like it would do a much better job than pull behind roller.

Let me know your thoughts.

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i roll every spring i have 75 contracts its busy i use a stone 11/2ton with a vib the customers love there lawns
So, before I chime in, I want to say that rolling is a horrible thing to do to a lawn, but I'm guilty of rolling a couple properties with a 1 ton pull behind roller in order to mow them a little faster. Luckily they are just larger In-law properties.

Yes, asphalt rollers can be used, but you are also hurting the over-all health of the lawn by compacting the root zone.

I've also been told to never use the vibrator as you might cause enough vibration to break underground utilities and irrigation lines. I think the vibrator is over-kill anyways.

To me, the best way to slowly smooth out a lawn is to aerate 2 times a year for a few years. Even if you do roll a lawn I would suggest aerating it anyways to help release some of the compaction you've created and on top of it, it will help even more to smooth it out.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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