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Asphalt rollers

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Has anybody ever tried using one of the smaller asphalt rollers to roll a lawn. Something like a 1 ton ride on roller. Seems like it would do a much better job than pull behind roller.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Anytime I see someone using an asphalt roller (even a small one) on a lawn, I just wince. Compaction is the worst thing you can do to turf and soil.
Aerate. Aerate. Aerate. Give the soil a chance to move around and level its own bumps.
How would a roller work to repair damage from horses? Not terrible damage, but there are hoof prints all over about 2"-3" deep, with a few much worse. The horses got on the lawn when it was snow covered, but not frozen.
Definitely not a roller. You have the opposite problem of bumps; you have indentations. Take a weed popper or a hand trowel and raise up the indentations. It's a bit of work but it does the best job unless you are talking a large area with a lot of hoof marks.
For all you people that claim these rollers cause tremendous compaction... why do golf courses use rollers on a semi annual basis? This supposed compaction from a 2 ton roller is VERY VERY minimal. I have used 1 ton asphault rollers to get a lawn perfect. I have noticed no adverse affects.
Golf courses: much different environment. Mostly sand based immediately under the turf. I guess I haven't been everywhere but I've never seen a roller the weight of an asphalt roller on a golf course. But I have seen them core aerate numerous times per season. But again, your golf course soil structure is not comparable to MOST home lawns.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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