Asphalt Sealer On Car Paint.

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by BIGBOY2008, May 12, 2010.

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    Ya we had some stuff before I also don't remember the name, not sure if its the same as what your talking about, the liquid was orange and it was totally safe and natural.

    Also i'm not sure about paint thinner, its very strong... Try baby oil, it get's rid of the tar on my hands, try it out.
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    If you still choose not to believe me then i will challenge you to do this. Take a quart of motor oil or gasoline or diesel fuel or whtever else you may wish to use and pour a spot about the size of silver dollar out on some pavement. Do this once a day for a week and then take a screw driver and gouge the oil spot then gouge the pavent several inches out and away from the oil spot. You will see the oil / gas / diesel has softened the pavement and caused it to deteriorate.
    Asphalt sealer companies are in the business of selling a product that seals and protects pavement from oil and gasoline they are not in the business of selling a product that deliberately contains chemicals that destroys pavement. And i as a individual who is in the business of selling a product that protects pavement why am i going to apply something that ruins it.

    The whole idea of sealing pavement is to lock the pre-existing oils into the pavement so the pavement remains semi-pliable and less prone to cracking and surface deterioration. Then there is the purpose of keeping concentrated amounts of foreign motor oils and gasoline from penetrating the surface of the pavement. If coal tar sealer was oil based it would be more prone to attracting oils and gass rather than repelling them.

    The guy i did the sealing for was not a customer he is fishing and beer drinking buddy ive know since high school therefore it doesnt matter where two drunk guys dump two or three gallons of sealer just as long as its on one of those drunk guys property and not someone elses property. The only thing we are concerned with is getting the mess off his wifes mercedes convertible before she sees it there.

    And no i dont get drunk and go out sealing driveways. We sealed the drive then started drinking and then several hours later we decided what to do with the extra sealer.
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    BB Ok so its not a petro chemical ITS STILL HAZARDOUS read the label on how it says to dispose of the excess....I'm sure "dump in bubba's back yard after a six pack" is the first line on the label.

    Just think if you have left it in the can and disposed of it properly, and the merc would not have coal tar emulsion cat prints all over the hood...
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    I have a 575 gallon sealcoating tank & sealer got on it. I looked for & tryed everything out there. Until i got luck & found some stuff at Sherwin Williams the paint store, I forgot the name of it but i call it "M.E.K."

    I had my tank custome made & painted at an auto body shop with car paint (orange) & it took it off with out harming the paint. It did take some elbow grease & time but it got on there pretty thick.

    Now i tryed to remove sealer off my air compressor that is a Jenny and it Blue but the M.E.K. did not work on that...

    So you can try but im not sure if it will work on anything else.

    The next thing i was told that works pretty good is McDonalds old french fri grease. & they give it to you for free!...
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    I would take it to a detail shop too.....but there is this thing called a clay bar. You can buy it at most auto stores and make sure to get meguires or mothers brand. Clay bar gets anything off with a little elbow grease.
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    We used some common Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover and it took the sealer off just fine. We laid small pieces of folded cotton t-shirt material over the sealer spots and soaked them in the big and tar remover and covered them with pieces of plastic wrap so they wouldnt dry out. Fourty eight hours later the sealer came right off.
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    Actually coal tar sealer and asphalt emulsion sealer are two completely separate products for seal coating asphalt surfaces. Even though they both generally use 30 - 35% water they probably should not be mixed together.

    Back to cleaning sealer off, even though I have no idea what type of sealer you actually used I find that emulsion tends to clean off much easier than coal tar sealer.
    As 2001FZ1 mentioned WD-40 works very well for removing both products with out damage to the paint as well as a product called Super Citrus.
  8. BIGBOY2008

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    Strictly coal tar emulsion sealer here i have 0% experience in using asphalt emulsion sealers.
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    Well at least you took off the sealer, but then again it took you 36-48 hours.. lots of time consuming.
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    All i did was cut some pieces of cotton t-shirt up lay them on a hood and spray turtle wax bug'n'tar remover on them and lay sandwich baggies on top of the material and come back later and wipe it off.

    But i do get your point. Time tied up in doing un-necessary things means lost money and ill agree with you 100% about the 36 to 48 hours.

    Lost Time = Lost Money.

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