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  1. Viseras lawn service

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    Any one have expericence with asphalt?

    Im looking to do a pad outside my shop garage door, roughly 40 x 20.

    Is it possible to do this my self with out the use of a power screed machine?

    I have a plate tamp, and would probably install 10 inches of 3/4 processed stone, tamped in 2 inch lifts.

    When it comes to the asphalt part.... can it be layed out with landscape rakes and shovels and then tamped, or am i going to end up with a bumpy surface?

    I have dump trucks, tamper, laborers, laser transits and decent experience in installing pavers the right way.... is it possible, or should i just hire it out?
  2. zedosix

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    I am having two of my projects paved today, matter of fact they should both be completed as we speak. First one was 38' x 19' paved in two hours, we prepared the base. Next one is 36 x 18' paved in 3 hours, had to adjust a water main. There were at least 7 men on site, with more tools and trucks than I would care to own. Job is neat, and level, and no mess on my trucks or tools. Its a dirty job. I would never consider doing it myself. I did once about 20 yrs ago and it wasn't worth the effort.
  3. Viseras lawn service

    Viseras lawn service LawnSite Member
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    zedo, for the one you prepped, did you roll the base or just plate tamp it?

    how much did it cost you to have it done? i might just do the same thing..
  4. zedosix

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    We excavated to 16" below grade tapering to about 12" at curb. Placed greenline geo-tex then compacted in layers with an 1100lb wacker plate compactor in 6" -8" lifts approx. Leaving about 2.5" for asphalt. He charges me 1500 for paving.
  5. Mike33

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    I think it is something like you cant beat a guy at his own trade. You could get by with a plate tamper but remember if it looks like crap it was supposed to be permanent.
  6. neversatisfiedj

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    I was thinking the same thing. I get at least 1 asphalt lead a day !!! But you also have to alot more equipement such as dump truck, rollers, another skid loader you will tear up horribly. Just not worht it for a 1.30 a square.
  7. McKeeLand

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    we have done it before, we set it up like concrete with 2x4 forms. then had the dump truck dump it into the skid steer bucket and dump it into my forms. 2 guys pull a 2x4 screed and one guy use a asphalt rake to pull the high spots and fill the low ones. as soon as it is screeded off we ran are small plate with a water tank on it. it came out surprisingly good. it was just an apron for a stone driveway, but it was like 12'x45'. we also always do are cuts into the street when we do paver driveways. its not that hard to work with, just like concrete speed is the most important thing and lots of diesel fuel in a sprayer.

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